After every 31 Nila, 10 Kharva, 40 Arbuda Man-Years, Moksha lapses and Jivatma reverts to the same old cosmic cycle of repeated births and deaths…t o attain / strive for MOKSHA again — MAHARSI KAPILA in SAMKHYAYOGA DARSANA

So the business of MOKSHA is tricky, highly sophisticated MAYA. Do not take it too seriously !!! How ??

31 Nila + 10 Kharva ( Kharab) + 40 Arbuda ( Arab / Billion ) = 31,10,40,00,00,00,000 Man-Years.
Not a very long period, indeed !! In the state of absolute Samadhi of Moksha, even these many Man-Years vanish in a few moments !!! As we are surviving in Kaliyuga spanning 4,32,000 years, only means of attaining Moksha as prescribed in Sarga-12 (12.3.51) of SrimadBhagvad Purana, in Brhadnaradiya Purana (38.126) and in Kalisantarana Upanisad, is through incessant Japa. In other Yuga-s i.e. Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi in Satyayuga (17,280,000 man-years), Yajna in Tretayuga (12,96,000 man-years) and Bhakti in Dvaparayuga (8,64,000 man-years) are abundantly exhaustive and difficult.

Moksha is an attainment quite mystical in nature and deceptive too. It is also hierarchical in character. If you succeed in overcoming your attachment for your wealth, you have attained “Dhana-Moksha” !! If you successfully dissolve your affinity for your son, you have attained “Putra-Moksha” !! Similarly, “Damada-Moksha” / “Patni-Moksha”…do exist and attainable too !! These are Moksha-s that belong to lower rungs in the hierarchy / pyramid of Moksha. Next higher order of Moksha-s is the liberation from Kama, Krodha, Lobha and Moha.

Still higher Moksha is when you are emancipated from your Ahamkara i.e. “Ahamkara-Moksha” is then accomplished. Then the stage is set for you to transform yourself into a true Karmayogi. All vicissitudes of life do not even scratch a Karmayogi at all. Such a Karmayogi is now poised to become an ardent Bhakta, almost identical with the Supreme, Absolute Consciousness. He may now claim to have attained ultimate Moksha as he is now entirely at liberty to incarnate himself or decline incarnation altogether. He may eventually, opt for complete coalescence into Param Brahmatma and forfeits his individual identity absolutely. So, Param Brahmatma is absolutely Mukta i.e. emancipated !! Moksha attained !!

Not so really.

If Param Brahmatma is completely emancipated, why should He impel Prakrti / Maya of creation and dissolution ? As a matter of fact, even Isvara / Param Brahma has not been able to attain Moksha so far !! Moksha is the mirage of temptation meant for us, to impel / goad us into actions. Without this temptation, we lose purpose of every action wrought in our lives. So long as Param Brahmatma was in the state of Nidra-Yoga, He could have jolly well claimed having attained highest order of Moksha!!!

But He decided to pull out of the state of Moksha of Nidra-Yoga only to entertain Himself through Maya of Prakrti, through creation and dissolution, entirely dis-compassionately and completely bereft of empathy. So, the state of Absolute Emancipation i.e. Param-Moksha DOES NOT EXIST.

We all are merely His toys / puppets, cosmic instruments for His eternal entertainment.

Finally, we boil down to the eternally enigmatic riddle, “What / which is the BEST STATE OF EXISTENCE ?”

State of Karmayoga is the ideal / best state of existence, far beyond even the state of Bhaktiyoga. State of actions being enacted guided by Chetana alone is the precise definition of existence. Cosmic state of Karmayoga is absolute in nature, absolutely devoid of all sorts of “ifs” and “buts”. So never allow yourselves to be trapped in the Maya / politics of Moksha at all !!

Moksha-Maya is the most deceptive Maya of all.