People Who Are Making It Work!

Founders & Managing Editor

Shaifaly Topiwala : Shaifaly founded her news portal Making India Online to cater her passion for journalism and entrepreneurship. She is a known poetess and author, whose writings are being published in print media for years.

Before inception of Making India Online, she worked for different online media houses for long. Shaifaly, a disciple of Osho, is a pure vegetarian, who believes in reincarnation & law of karma and follows the philosophy of ‘Live and let others Live’.

Vinay Nayak : Vinay hails from the marble rocks city, Jabalpur. A senior journalist and book lover Vinay is co-founder of Making India Online with Shaifaly. Other than spiritualism his area of interest is politics and hence look after political news and articles at Making India Online.

Mainly his job involves news and articles selection, giving assignments to Making India Online’s authors and journalists. His ability to maintain a non-partisan yet nationalistic view is enviable.

Authors & Journalists

Ajit Singh: Ajit, a former national level wrestling coach is a blogger and political analyst. His write-ups at Making India Online, on current political affairs and sports are the most popular ones. He is a part of Making India Online from the very beginning. Other than his writings, his role at Making India Online is of philosopher and guide. Ajit Singh is one of the most famous faces of strong nationalism on several social media platforms and possesses master’s degree in ancient history.

Anand Kumar: Anand is a management professional with experience in market and social research. He is passionate about traveling, day dreaming, fishing, farming and many other things, strange and beautiful. He is a Post Graduate in Diploma in Management, Marketing & Media from NIILM, New Delhi. Mostly his day job involves asking questions which you may not have thought about so he can extract answers which might be deviating from the normal suggestions as can be seen at Making India Online. He lists listening and observing as his key skills.

Rajeev Mishra: Rajeev is from Steel City, Jamshedpur. Studied Medicine from RIMS, Ranchi, worked in Army Medical Corps for 7 years. Currently a physician in NHS, UK. Active in Social Media since 2009 and was motivated to use Social media as a valid alternative by a strong scepticism towards the mainstream media. His ideological journey started from leftism to Gandhism to Strong Nationalism to complete the full spectrum resulting in being a regular writer for Making India Online.

Yashark Pandey: Yashark is a post graduate in Physics from Banaras Hindu University. He is a freelance writer on issues related to diplomacy, National Security and India’s military history. His articles try to explore the idea of India as a scientific nation. He has written extensively on Science Diplomacy as a tool to enrich India’s position in global scenario. Apart from writing Yashark has has an experience of two years working on social media marketing of technical and management colleges.

Anurag Singh: Anurag Singh was a freelancer and now a regular author at Making India Online. He possesses master’s degree in three subjects and a bachelor degree in Education. He has deep interest in art, literature, political and social issues. He is running his own NGO named ‘Rural India Development Foundation’ and is Secretary of Mahamana Malaviya Mission as he is alumni of Banaras Hindu University.

Saransh Gautam: Saransh, an Electronics engineer by qualification turned into a freelancer consultant and now an integral part of Making India Online by following his inner drive. He believes Life is all about Exploration & Expression that is why he keeps exploring himself through art, literature, cinema, painting, photography, traveling and he expresses his experience through his poetry, articles & talks. Be it his personal or professional life or his hobbies. He finds himself in a blessed attitude to explore more and express better.