Dear All,

I used to be your loved one. Just remember, as a kid, you used to select the most coloured one among us ! And then, you all used to fight among yourselves for me ! Then you grew up and switched over to ball-point pens. I am your dear PENCIL !

Ball-point pen has become so ubiquitous that I lost my significance. My users do not see any merit in loving me owing to the comfort of transient convenience encumbered with a ball-point pen. I am really anguished because I am not just a pencil but carry and convey a deep spiritual message too, to all my users.

Till the advent of ball-point pen, these are preceptive lessons I used to continuously hammer into the intellect of all my lovers and users –

Just as my real worth lies hidden within me, your real worth too is hidden within you. Our hidden worth alone is the real core of our existence. And the universal existence too. That alone matters. My external appearance is coloured, painted bright, glossy and attractive. Your external appearance too, may be pleasant and subjugating. Yet, that’s not our real or true appearance.

Real appearance is hidden within my being and your real appearance is hidden deep inside your being. External appearance in both cases, does not matter at all.

To be useful to my lovers and users, I have to be necessarily sharpened. My external appearance is shaved off layer by layer, only to be useful to my friends and well-wishers. It may appear painful to you but certainly not to me because pencils are always, invariably enlightened ! To be useful to mankind, you too must shave yourself, layer by layer all the layers of Maya aggregated with Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahamkara. Apparent loss of some ‘precious’ material should not bother you at all because all that is entirely useless for others and with that your entire being shall remain useless, purposeless for all others.

It simply does not matter to anyone how much you have invested in that out of your so-called precious possessions. Same is true with me too. If I do not permit my user to shave off my brightly coloured and attractive appearance created with huge efforts and cost, I shall remain useless for my users and eventually, thrown into dustbin. Just as I am always prepared, rather eager to be shaved and sharpened, you too should always be searching for ways and means to sharpen your entire being.

Then you all might be wondering, if the external addition is so useless, then why have it at all ? It is as much essential as it is useless !!! Cycle of Karma and it’s redemption constitute and define Existence. No Karma, no strive, no endeavour, then no Existence ! So to exist, to ensure you continue existing, first entangle yourselves in the intricate web of Maya, then strive to pull out of it unscathed !!! That alone is the REAL definition of Existence. The cosmic sport is mystical, eternal and deeply engaging. Could you have ever imagined, a humble pencil that I am, could impart such an important wisdom upon you ?

Only my true innermost being leaves a lasting mark, not my exterior. If ever I am tempted to function from my exteriors, nothing worthwhile would be done and I shall be either rejected or condemned aside as a showpiece lying lifeless in a pencil-box. So is true with you too. Your exterior is perishable and mutable. It cannot leave a lasting mark on anyone and anywhere. Your exterior is made up of same elements that constitute my exterior. If my exteriors are useless, have to be thrown out to be able to contribute something worthwhile, so is your’s. Always focus your entire consciousness on your innermost Self, allow your innermost Self to rule over your entire existence, let your mortal externalities be marooned under the deluge of splendour of your consciousness. Whatever worthwhile you would do then, may become a historic legend, may write an altogether novel chapter of wisdom for humanity, may become a legend for centuries to be recalled fondly by millions.

When I entrust myself into hands of my master, ingenuity and greatness of the creation is rendered INFINITE. It is utterly preposterous for me to dictate my terms upon my master because he / she has the wisdom to use me in the best possible manner commensurate with the requirement. Similarly, you must dedicate your entire being unto the sacred feet of your Guru, your supreme master who would then, sharpen you to enable you accomplish historical tasks, redeem the very purpose of your embodiment into birth and usher you to the highest attainment for human existence – being attained to your own Self. That’s the ultimate attainment and then, you are emancipated from mortality, mutability of all types and orders. Being pliant in hands of your celebrated master opens gates to higher and highest planes of existence as master alone tells us about our hidden, innate virtues using your handsome exterior as an instrumentality to facilitate attainment of the highest. Then only, your are able to discern “being cultured” from “being civilised” and how much more important it is to be cultured than civilised.

It demands lot of personal discipline and introversion to lead a life like mine, incessantly shedding all that is ephemeral and striving for all that is perennial, concurrently. Just as even my inner core is continuously sharpened by my master to ensure my continued usefulness, you should also continuously refine and upgrade your innermost Being, your Cetana i.e. consciousness. Existence and consciousness are NEVER a safe harbour. Together they constitute a ceaseless voyage into deeper realms of The Infinite. While you may be incessantly cruising along within the Being of the Infinite searching for the ultimate Port of Call but the ultimate port of call never appears because it does not exist !! Incessant cruise within His Being itself is the ultimate Port of Call !! Then you shall be transformed and consecrated into a cornerstone imparting stability and strength to the entire society. Then you shall never deport yourselves like an island. You shall be transformed into an excellent team member, work in harmony with all team members deeply convinced that scintillating accomplishments are almost impossible single handedly, not only you shall offer best of yourselves but also inspire all others, to bare their best possible before all.

With lot of Adhyatmika compliments, I venture to remind you, I am your friend, loved and liked hitherto but now forgotten,

Entirely and eternally your’s,