Extent of damage that JL Nehru inflicted upon the nation is turning out to be mind-boggling in nature. Revelations have been surfacing in bits and pieces over years and we still do not know how much more is yet to be exposed.

In this piece of revelation, Nehru’s role in facilitating occupation of Tibet by China has been very well expounded characterised by his complete absence of intervention when called upon to do so.

American CIA had authentic intelligence inputs in 1950s that China was planning to capture Tibet and they had briefed their President DD Eisenhower too. And the President wrote to PM Nehru twice in this regard warning him of impending Chinese invasion. Subsequently, US State Department approached him to devise a strategy to stall Tibetan acquisition by Chinese.

JL Nehru had a different vision of ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai’ hence, didn’t give a damn to those US overtures. He wished to cooperate with China for some international issues quite close to his heart. Americans then had no other option except to seek cooperation of Nepal, airdropped 19 well trained and armed Khampas to liberate Tibet under invasion. However for some reasons it was not successful, Chinese captured Tibet and declared Dalai Lama a separatist. Irony is that same Dalai Lama came to Bharata after fleeing Tibet under Chinese occupation seeking succor from the same Nehru quite innocently, unaware of the fact that it was purportedly his own benefactor Nehru who happened to be the cause of his agony.

Nehru was warned again by Americans regarding planned Chinese invasion in Kashmir and North-Eastarn Bharata. President Kennedy offered financial support and technical know-how to develop nuclear weapons as they apprehended Communist capture of the entire country. Nehru again declined the offer and rest is history. It is yet another story that he rushed to USA begging for arms and ammunition when Chinese did invade Bharata in 1962.

It was then that embittered Americans turned hostile towards Bharata and they started leveraging Pakistan while Pakistan being a rogue and illegitimate country, lapped up the offer only to become a perpetual headache for us. Their frustration with the Pro-Soviet Congress regime camouflaged under the Nehruvian ‘Jumla’ of Non-Alignment manifested into supplying poor-quality food grains under PL-480.

Those were the darkest days of nation’s history after independence under tutelage of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty.