It was on October 12, 1836, British Education-Mercenary Thomas Babington Macaulay (hereinafter TBM) gleefully wrote to his father that their schools were “flourishing wonderfully” and “effect of this education on Hindoos is prodigious” because “no Hindoo who has received an English education ever continues to be sincerely attached to his religion [though] some continue to profess it as a matter of policy.” TBM thus, established a virtual British empire devoted and dedicated to British values and “morals” or absence of it and described it as an “imperishable empire of our arts and our morals, our literature…” proudly held by the Pseudo-Britishers Brown / Dark Brown in complexion, close to their bosom.

Charles Trevelyan, another colonial despot-administrator and Education-Mercenary, revealed and re-affirmed objective of this sinister Education-War thus, “no class of our subjects to whom we are so thoroughly necessary as those whose opinions have been cast in the English mould…” Trevelyan soon saw this rootless class of Brown / Dark Brown Pseudo-Britishers becoming too assertive and aggressive among opinion peddlers. He further revealed his criminal intentions thus, “as long as the natives are left to brood over their former independence, their sole specific for improving their condition is, the immediate and total expulsion of the English” hence, “only by the infusion of European ideas that a new direction could be given to the national views”. He continued here to redeem his ideas in schools where young men “turn to the prospect of improving their national institutions on the English model and instead of regarding us with dislike, they court our society, and look upon us as their natural protectors and benefactors: The summit of their ambition is, to resemble us…”

With passage of time, these two British Education-Mercenaries i.e. Trevelyan’s and Macaulay’s adorers and admirers (rather tail-wagging boot-lickers) captured almost all discourses in the country.

It was for a Soul like Ananda Coomaraswamy to have been the first to blow the warning conch-shell when he remarked, “We, who think we are educated and progressive, we who attend conferences and sit on legislative councils…we ourselves have despised and hated everything Indian yet we never thought that the fault was in ourselves”.

KC Bhattacharya, another philosopher of reckoning condemned regressive effects on the education-cesspool raised by them in the country. KCB argued, “ Such an education had not so far helped us to understand ourselves, to understand the significance of our past, the realities of our present and our mission of the future. It has tended to drive our real mind into the unconscious and to replace it by a shadow mind that has no roots in our past and in our real present.” It is this section of the so-called (pseudo-)intelligentsia that is ever eager to pounce upon any opportunity or even semblance of it, to berate Hindu-s and abuse Hinduism for no rhyme or reason most of the times.

Only logical explanation is that their minds are highly venomous, engineered through the TBM-Trevelyan Education Gang-War that has been going on in the country for so long. These McCaulay-Putra-s and -Putri-s are paranoids clinging to the “Residues of McCaulayism”. What they have been fishing in intellectual-gutters and dishing out, has been aptly described by Ravindranath Tagore, “…really nightmarish account of India, never viewed Bharatvarsa from Bharatvarsa’s own perspectives… since our very childhood we learn to demean her and in consequence we get demeaned ourselves.”

In view of this, determined efforts to stall Wendy Doniger’s utterly absurd, derogatory title, bordering utter rubbish, THE HINDUS: AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY on Hinduism is a historic one. It is one more nail in the coffin of “TBM-Trevelyan System of Education-Mafia”, resounding and decisive one at that. Let us now have a bird’s eye-view of the book to know for sure, what all the brouhaha is about –

On page 552 of the book, Doniger claims that Goswami Tulsidasa composed Ramacaritmanasa in Varanasi. She writes, “The Brahmins of Varanasi, where the text was composed, are said to have been shocked by the composition of a text in a vernacular language.” It is well established that Goswami Tulasidasa composed the epic in Ayodhya. The slip-up may seem to be a minor one concerning a place but given that Doniger was writing a scholarly account of Hinduism and that too an ‘alternative history’, the error seriously dents book’s credibility.

What she expounds on Ramayana herein, is for all to ‘mull over’, “One night while Sita and Ram were lying together, Sita discussed Lakshman very affectionately. She said, ‘There he is sleeping alone. What is it that keeps him away from a woman? Why doesn’t he want to marry?’ This roused suspicion in Ram’s mind. Sita slept soundly, but Ram kept awake the whole night imagining things. Early next morning he sent for Lakshman from his lonely palace and asked him suddenly, ‘Do you love Sita?’ Lakshman was taken aback.”

As far as Mahabharata is concerned, she possibly discovered herself to be clueless as she is compelled to quote Shashi Tharoor, yet another die hard Anti-Hindu Secularist from one of the several trashes that he happened to author, “Shashi Tharoor retold the Mahabharata as The Great Indian Novel, in which the self-sacrificing Bhishma (the son of Ganga, in the Sanskrit text) becomes Ganga-ji, a thinly veiled form of Gandhi, while Dhritarashtra is Nehru, with his daughter Duryodhani (Indira Gandhi), Karna goes over to the Muslim side and becomes Jinnah (where the original Karna sliced his armour off his body, this Karna seizes a knife and circumcises himself) and is eventually exposed as a chauffeur, the ‘humble modern successor to the noble profession of charioteering.’ As Tharoor remarks, ‘It is only a story.

But you learn something about a man from the kind of stories people make up about him.” The diatribe now moved onto Draupadi, “Now, even with five husbands didn’t Draupadi have to worry about Karna Maharaj’s intentions? Dalit women are equally dubious about Satyavati and Kunti: ‘One agreed to the whims of a rishi in order to remove the bad odour from her body, the other obeyed a mantra! What wonderful gods! What wonderful rishis!’ And a popular song among lower-class women in 19th-century Calcutta imagined the objections that Ambalika might have expressed when her mother-in-law, Satyavati, insisted that she let Vyasa impregnate her.” This is all about her so-called scholarly work, level of her understanding of Hinduism and so much about the so-called ‘Liberalism’ of the ‘TBM-Trevelyan’ variety !!

Wendy was in all probability, an eye-witness to the eating habits of Vedic people as she described that, mercifully citing early Rig Vedic sources, on page 112, “The usual meal of milk, ghee (clarified butter), vegetables, fruit, wheat, and barley would be supplemented by the flesh of cattle…” In reality, wheat has never been mentioned in entire Rig Veda at all as affirmed by Vedic scholars !! She counted population of Indu’s Valley Civilisation i.e. Harappan culture to be “as many as forty thousand”. That was the population of Mohenjo-Daro alone while complete number happens to be five lakh or so, by all accounts. On page 194, Doniger refers to one of Gandhi’s essays on Bhagvad Gita, with the title ‘Asakti Yoga’, when it should have been ‘Anasakti Yoga’ !! That way she defeated entire purpose of the chapter revealing her utter ignorance of the most ancient faith in the world, rather stupidity. Chronological blunders pertaining to Kabir, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Akbar and Mirabai are aplenty. These are the grave blunders coming from a scholar holding two doctorates in Samskrita and Indian Studies from Universities of Oxford and Harvard, who translated works from Samskrita, taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies of University of London and regarded as an authority of international reckoning on Hinduism !!!

Chapter ‘Fusion and Rivalry’ observes that Buddhism was driven out of India by a combination of lack of support, persecution and destruction of religious monuments / monasteries by Hindu-s as well as Muslims !! Hindu-s destroying Buddhist monuments !! Such a fantastic lie coming from a scholar, so to say !! British historian Vincent Smith wrote, “In or about 1197, several years after the fall of Delhi, this officer (Bakhtiyar Khalji) secured the control of Bihar by a raid of almost incredible audacity, seizing the fort of the town of Bihar with a party of only 200 horsemen.

The Buddhist monasteries, which still flourished under the patronage of Pala Kings, were destroyed, and the monks killed or dispersed. The Mohammadan onslaught extinguished the life of Buddhism in its old home and last refuge. After this time the indication of the existence of that religion anywhere in India are very slight.” With this revelation coming straight from the pen of a British historian (not from an Eminent Hindu-fascist historian please !!), how malafide has been intentions of Wendy, is for anyone to behold and ponder over. She further exposes her Anti-Hindu venomous mind by writing “Hinduism under Islam was alive and well in India. The same sultans who, with what Hindus would regard as the left hand, collected the jizya and destroyed Hindu temples also, with the right hand, often married Rajput princesses, patronised Hindu artists and Sanskrit scholars, and employed Hindus in the highest offices of state.” Chapter ‘Dialogue and Tolerance under the Mughals’, Doniger says about Aurangzeb, “He financed the maintenance of several other Hindu temples and matts, and he even made land grants to some.” District Magistrate FS Growse, published in The Gazetteer 1882, observed, “Aurangzeb had descended in person on Mathura. The temple specially marked out for destruction was one built so recently as the reign of Jahangir at a cost of Rs 33 lakh, by Bir Singh Dev Bundela of Urcha. Beyond all doubt this was the last of the famous shrines of Kesava Deva.”

Let us have a look at her understanding of Jaziya, “The Delhi Sultans levied the jizya, graduated according to income, with exemptions for people at both ends of the social spectrum, the poorest and (until Feroz Shah changed the rule) the purest, the Brahmins. There is also evidence of the existence of a Turkish (Turuska) tax, which may have been a poll tax on Muslims in India, a Hindu equivalent of the Muslim jizya.” American Wendy did a FANTASTIC discovery !! She discovered a very strange species of creature not known hitherto to historians and scholars…not even to Zoologists or Botanists !! HINDU-JAZIYA !! Jaziya was imposed in 712 AD by the first Muslim invader, Mohammed Bin Qasim. It was a mark of Islamic brutality and despotism. Thus it’s abolition in 1564 was a turning point in the history of the Muslim rule in India. So long as Jaziya was levied, Muslims alone were the true citizens in the Muslim state. Ostensibly, it’s abolition in 1564, marked a turning point in our national history.

Aforesaid points have been declined to be discussed by all those ENEMIES OF HINDU-S AND HINDUISM, all such attempts were dubbed marks of religious intolerance and bigotry. However, they are not willing to concede, refusal to discuss is the religious intolerance / bigotry of the worst kind by any yardstick.

All these nasty accusations have been hurled while –

The book has NOT been banned at all by any Government authority !!

Publishers have withdrawn the book on their own volition according to the agreement signed with Shiksha Bachao Andolan as a measure of out of court settlement.

No ‘Hindu’ organisation ever agitated violently or otherwise against the book or publishers or FATWA-ED the author !!

Withdrawal of the book has absolutely nothing to do with the surge of BJP or Narendra Modi in the run-up to forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Most VENOMOUS of them all, so-called writer-social activist-self-appointed conscience-keeper Arundhati Roy has in an open abusive letter to Penguin, drawn a link between withdrawal of the book and so-called rise of the ‘fascists’. Incidentally, she loves the word FASCIST too much, invokes it too frequently leading to utter loss of it’s sheen whatsoever, like the word EMINENT by Marxists for their test-tube grown historians ! She vouchsafed, “The elections are still a few months away. The fascists are, thus far, only campaigning. Yes, it’s looking bad, but they are not in power. Not yet. And you’ve already succumbed?” Well, My Dear Anti-National Madam ! FASCIST forces have been in power only in a few states during the decade bygone and none of them imposed ban on the book whatsoever which they could have otherwise. Anti-national Arundhati Roy NEVER EVER revealed any respect for laws of the country which she blamed for the rise of so-called FASCIST forces. She has been openly and brazenly supporting ENEMIES OF THE NATION viz. Maoists, Naxalites etc. Can she dare to do that in China ? She knows very well, she shall be thrown to famished wolves in any other country. BHARATA MA is magnanimous enough to tolerate and allow such anti-national scums to survive on her bosom and suck her like parasites. Let us see how long it continues.

Interestingly, so-called FASCIST forces NEVER EVER demanded withdrawal or ban on the book since the moment of filing of the petition !! In spite of being challenged several times, neither author nor publishers ever cared to come clean on facts. If Penguin have decided now to ‘succumb and surrender’, it is their own professional decision precipitated by their very weak position in the eyes of laws and not owing to some sort of a terror-strike at their most sensitive point !! Entire gamut of the legal challenge revolved around factual inaccuracies rather than ‘hurt’ feelings of the so-called FASCIST forces !! There had been ABSOLUTELY no public discussion / debate anywhere, leave alone TV channels. It is FASCISM of the author and the ANTI-NATIONAL LOBBIES that they expected self-respecting Hindu-s to cower before them and take insults with a wry, abject smile on their countenances !!

Why so much antipathy to Hinduism ? Not so incomprehensible ! Till seventeenth / eighteenth centuries, Bharata / Hindu-s dominated the world in every sphere of activity be it education, enlightenment, economy, social status, foreign trade, or any other. All other communities / nations are worried and scared of Hindu dominance and Hindu superiority, to put it bluntly. As a matter of fact, after upheavals of WW-II, Americans held long deliberations with European countries on how to dominate the world and particularly, how to tame Bharata !! Since then, a well-organised, well-funded drive has been going on in this direction, in a concerted manner involving intelligentsia from all walks of life. Anti-Hinduism has been an industry since then. It has a purpose, mission-statement, enormous financial muscle, institutional support and a holy convention of sponsoring intellectuals occupying powerful institutional positions.

Beginning with colonial era of East India Company and British Occupation, missionaries slandered Hinduism and earned fortunes. After MK Gandhi’s assassination, JL Nehru had an excuse to stifle nationalists. Under PM Indira Gandhi and her Education Minister Nurul Hasan, anti-Hinduism was firmly entrenched in academia and media. It’s dominance in electronic and print media became almost unchallengeable. Consequently, Soviet-sponsored Communist Pseudo-intellectuals were influential and nationalists were systematically obliterated and hounded out of public discourse.

No mainstream newspaper, magazine or media channel had courage to allow them voice their views and facts. Even school textbooks were not spared and perverted. Social media through internet was a historic development that witnessed dawn of a new era, hitherto unimaginable. It was for the first time in history that facts came out in public domain and Nehruvian / Communist castles began to crumble.

The Hindus: An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger is a trash, produced from gutters of her venomous mind-intellect. Ramachandra Guha, Romila Thapar, DN Jha etc. are the new breed of PSEUDO-HISTORIANS supported and patronised by the ‘Eminent Historians’ of Leftist variety who are born with the Holy Agenda of abusing Hindu-s, castigating Hinduism, holding Hinduism alone responsible for all the ills afflicting the world as well as all the personal / psychological / economic and sexual problems of their Holistic lives !!!