ME TOO : Whom are they attempting to fool?

Dawood-wood (i.e. Bollywood) manufacture(d)s almost 90% movies that revolve(d) around eve-teasing / stalking / intimate scenes / honeymoon / rape scenes. Worst appearance on screen used to be of Devananda / Shammi Kapur acting like street Romeos / compulsive stalkers / hardened eve-teasers. Others have been / are no better.

Singer Kundanlal Sehgal used to be glorified for being an alcoholic Devdas. Raj Kapur was a very poor copycat of Charlie Chaplin stalking / teasing Nargis everywhere and baring his heroines to the minimum. They are a bunch of idiots and we are sunk in utter mental darkness.

What impression / lessons Dawood-wood industry has been imparting upon our youth ? Do Dawood-woodian idiots have the talent and guts to shoot movies like Gravity / All The Presidents Men / Rescue At Entebbe?

Why can’t they shoot a movie on real history of the country suppressed / hidden by Congies in cahoots with Commies ? Is it impossible to shoot a movie without eve-teasing / stalking / intimate scenes / rape scenes / Suhagraat / Sindur / Karwa Chauth… and all that crap ? They shoot movies for Pakistanis or what?

All those Dawood-wood women used to actively / unitedly deliver those vulgar scenes / still participating instead of actively / unitedly boycotting all that rubbish and they narrate / remember their experiences so fondly in TV interviews instead of being ashamed about all that !!

Bollywood film industry is infiltrated with traitors / baddies who have done immense harm to the nation. They all deserve to be dumped altogether.

Why are they / what are they complaining about when the entire industry / profession is based on anti-women offensive scenes / actions / stories? Whom are they attempting to fool?

It will be better if all Bollywoodian women unite and boycott all such people / scenes / stories if they really wish to be respected in the country and they really mean what they are complaining about.

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