A glorious Sangha-Pracaraka who rose to become a Poet-Statesman, then sworn in as Prime Minister three times, left for his heavenly abode on Aug. 16, 2018 leaving behind the richest legacy of statesmanship unmatched by any of his predecessors so far.

The great man who was humbled by just one vote in Lok Sabha as he declined to compromise on his integrity, left behind a gigantic banyan tree of Cultural-Nationalism under which a President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, twenty Governors, twenty Chief Ministers, twenty State Assembly Speakers, more than three-hundred Members Of Parliament and hundreds of Members Of State Assemblies stood up to mourn his demise with their hearts and Souls.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Party President Amit Shah walked five Kms. behind the funeral procession from Party HQ to the cremation ground notwithstanding extreme humidity and suffocating heat leading thousands of grieved mourners, entire nation was deeply moved and the whole world watch astonished. It was a day when entire nation was serene and silent in grief.

He was such a titanic personality in Bharatiya politics that he had absolutely no foes at all. Even his political opponents were his warm friends. Most eminently he deserved the accolade of Ajatasatru, one who had no enemies at all and honoured the honour of Bharata-Ratna by being conferred upon with that.

His achievements are far too many and reams shall be written down under numerous titles in months and years to come by a galaxy of authors. It goes to the credit of the astute politician that he was that he often used to invite compliments like “he was the best Congress Prime Minister that Congress never had” in spite of being a Svayamsevaka of RSS by his heart and Soul !!

Immediately after laying wreaths on his mortal remains at his residence, Congress politician Ghulam Nabi Azad held a press-interaction with over-indulgent media bang outside the residence, harping on Nehruvian legacy of the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty of the bygone ‘golden’ era and then only he condescended to utter a few words in approbation of the great Ajatasatru whose demise he had come over to grieve or to render affectation of grief, whatsoever.

He attempted his best with his limited intellect that howsoever great AB Vajpayee may be, he cannot surpass JL Nehru in so far as making of the nation is concerned. Decades later, JL Nehru’s grandson Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister accidentally disclosed that only 15% of entire resources allocated for development knock at the right destination for utilisation while 85% of all allocations are pocketed by elite members of the transmission chain. In the entire history of track-record of governance of Congress in Centre as well as in States does not have even a single instance to boot when they rendered a serious effort to plug huge loopholes that gulped down development resources to the extent of 85% in spite of being entirely aware of it.

Such a criminal dereliction of governance beginning with JL Nehru down to ManMohan Singh causing 85% of allocated resources being plundered, stashed away overseas and parked in indigenous non-productive dubious assets amply proves, confirms and re-confirms, all three Prime Ministers of the Dynasty were interested in realising ONLY 15% of the entire potential that the nation possessed. This 15% of the total potential worked out by them, allowed them to continue in power, beg for loans from abroad and brag around the world about their birthright to rule over the country as members of the Royal Indian Dynasty.

Occasionally, they interrupted rule of the royal lineage by appointing ‘regents’ like LB Shastri, PV Narsingha Rao and ManMohan Singh only to dodge allegations of blatant dynasticism and preserve the sham of being ‘democrats to the core’ intact. Thus, not only JL Nehru himself was 15% but also all other Prime Ministers coming from the Royal Indian Dynasty or from their Royal Stable of thoroughbred Regents. Nation shuddered and suffered from bouts of bad mood when one of the Royal Regents declared, Muslims enjoyed first claim to national resources i.e. 15% of the allocated resources meant for Muslims, 85% for corrupt crooks and a big nothing for the majority community of Hindu-s in their own country !!!

Ajatasatru AB Vajpayee was constituted of a different mantle altogether. Groomed and brought up in the sacrosanct, virtuous Sanatana culture, he had dedicated his entire existence to the service of Ma Bharati. Every moment of his existence, he was acutely conscious of the infinite potential of growth and glory that the nation possessed and he was consumed with the determination to realise that. I venture to offer glimpses of a few of his achievements juxtaposed with that of JL Nehru to drive home the point of JL Nehru being a mere pathetic and wretched 15% Prime Minister while the legendary AB Vajpayee being a 100% one –

JLN raised IITs at the behest of west while the nation urgently required Sarva Siksa Abhiyana !! Most of those IITians migrated to earn $$ and country languished as the most illiterate country in the world. Nehru did nothing to ensure 100% women’s education by law in spite of being aware of the tremendous social revolution and transformation it would have brought about. Sarva Siksa Abhiyana was introduced by ABV and a revolution in education started gaining momentum.

JLN did raise Atomic Energy but did not allow the country to become a nuclear power. Bharata was transformed into a nuclear power by ABV only.

JLN’s contribution to development of infrastructure like roads is not at all enviable. On the contrary, ABV is the first leader in country’s history to have initiated infrastructure construction so much so that people compared him with Sher Shah Suri, albeit not so appropriately.

JLN massively lost a war and substantial territory. ABV not only won a war but also warned US President of nuclear strike if Pakistan was not reined in by them in Kargil.

JLN was grossly irresponsible in neglecting Army / Navy / Air Force in association with his highly erratic and mercurial Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon. When Chinese invaded us, our soldiers didn’t have even snow-boots and so many of them had never seen snow-fall in their lives !! Our Ordnance factories were manufacturing pressure cookers and hair-pins for women !! On the contrary, security forces were strengthened by ABV and they bravely repelled invaders in Kargil and Pakistan suffered heavy losses.

JLN ordered a show of snake charmer with dancing snakes to entertain his visiting guest, First Lady and wife of US President Kennedy while ABV raised nation’s head high in the sky for us to be proud of.

JLN’s philosophy of socialistic mixed economy led to Licence-Permit Raj, MRTP Act, IRDP Act, uncontrolled generation of black money, fake currency, gold smuggling, idol trafficking and what not. Then he allowed members of his Planning Commission to ridicule tardy economic growth of the country by addressing it as Hindu rate Of Growth all over the world and the same very destroyers of economy were conferred upon Padma awards !! ABV liberalised the economy and started plugging leakages methodically. By the end of his tenure, GDP crossed 7%, interest rates of banks declined, foreign exchange reserves burgeoned… and property prices crashed in just 6 year long tenure. These were some of the unbelievable, unmatched attainments which JL Nehru could not even in 17 years of his tenure.

JLN’s foreign policy was a disaster to say the least. Being a Communist himself, he antagonised USA, suffered heavily on Chinese front and all countries in neighbourhood turned hostile. ABV balanced relations with all countries, invited Prime Minister of Israel to establish diplomatic relations and struck accords with interest of the nation in centre. His foreign policy significantly raised stature of the nation with the aim of being Visva-Guru again…..

As a matter of fact, JL Nehru was profoundly diminished in front of gigantic personality of AB Vajpayee. Indeed, it is Jawaharlal Nehru who stands to be honoured by being compared with AB Vajpayee. ‘Darbari’ politicians like Ghulam Nabi Azad (a wretched Ghulam of the Dynasty who loves to call himself Azad !!) and that ‘Darbari’ Regent ManMohan Singh will have to struggle very hard to come to grips with these harsh realities.

Least of all, Ghulam Nabi Azad should have expressed a sense of gratitude to Prime Minister Vajpayee as he had saved Rahul Gandhi from being imprisoned for 128 years in a US Jail in 2001 when he was nabbed red-handed carrying drugs and US $ 1,60,000 in cash.