June-2018 witnessed a very tragic end of a Delhi based family whose 11 members committed mass-suicide reportedly under command of some dubious cult that they have been following. Legal machinery may conclude it a self-inflicted mass-suicide but in reality, it is a case of cult-motivated murders reflection of which was recently observed in a digital game with the name of Blue-Whale too that led to death of several children in their teens.

Cult motivated mass-suicides is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening all over the world often only to be forgotten till the next horror raises it’s head. There have been such tragedies inconceivable and unbelievable, so much so that people have been talking and discussing about that for months together failing to arrive at any rational explanation.

Guyana witnessed cult motivated mass-suicides of 900 people in 1978 led by some so-called ‘Father’ Jim Jones and the congregation comprised of several families with babies in their arms. It were their mothers who injected cyanide to kill their babies with their own hands, such was the deadly influence of that ‘Holy’ Father Jim Jones. At Heaven’s Gate in California, 39 people committed cult-suicide led by again, some ‘Holy’ Father in 1997.

Then there is another variation of cult-motivated mass murders wherein intolerance to opposition to the cult is so intense that every dissenting voice is silenced permanently. Intention that guides such heinous crimes is – “My cult is supreme, your cult is worst. You must fall in line or else I wipe you out to make my way as I care two hoots for what you believe in or do not believe in.” Communism, Naxalism, Maoism, Islam, Christianity are such cults which have been pursuing this doctrine of cult-motivated / cult-perpetrated mass-crimes hidden behind the sham of socialism, equality, peace, liberation and what not.

They all have been directly responsible for centuries of brutal anti-humanity crimes perpetrated upon Hindus, women and children in this country. They all had been resisted fiercely all these centuries but failed due to the absence of unity of efforts and their own organised Governments.

Now that the nation has a well-organised functioning Government under a codified Constitution, well-defined IDEOLOGY REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF BHARATA must be constituted to maintain an eagle’s eye on all cults floating around, all those cults knocking at our immigration counters to enter into the country, their objectives, modus operandi, source of finance, identity of beneficiaries, how they came to know those targeted beneficiaries, past track records etc. Government / nation must know exactly and precisely, what they talk and preach to their purported beneficiaries anywhere in the country.

If such an authority had been active all these years, nation would not have known the new creature known as Urban-Naxals at all and probably, Vivek Agnihotri would have been authoring another title instead of Urban Naxals. Government must appoint activists committed to the national cause to man such an Authority with enough powers to prosecute offenders without procrastination.

Nation must know who is propagating what, how and to whom. Hindu saints who travel around and conduct discourses all over the country must be roped in as soldiers of fundamental Hindu ethos of the nation, engaged to actively and effectively counter expansion of Islam / Christianity / Naxalism / Maoism or any other despotic cult leading to destruction of social harmony and basic identity of the nation.

Without being duly authorised, these Sadhu-s and hermits may not allowed to conduct their discourses in various corners of the country. Similarly, every recording of every Imam’s Friday sermon be compulsorily submitted to concerned State / Central Government to ensure, no seditious / anti-humanity doctrine is propagated from pulpits of Masjids. We already have the case of Zakir Naik who always spewed venom against Hinduism and some obscure Nirmal Baba propagating sheer superstitions brazenly.

Christian Missionaries have been practising ‘Black-Magic’ to influence gullible ones to convert to the cult of Jesus. Any and every such ideological propagation must be banned and prosecution initiated in case of violation of the charter of activities stipulated. Dangerous ideological cults like Maoism / Naxalism, cults of suicides by ‘Fathers’ and ‘Gurus’, cults of proselytization and murders must be strictly outlawed and no cult of destruction be allowed in the country to germinate anywhere.

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