One very ‘peaceful’, ‘pious’ and ‘noble’ young man took lot of trouble and destroyed integrity of a 7 year old child in Mandsaur, MP. It was an excellent display of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb that we have been so proud of !!

Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb was introduced into the country by Mohammed Bin-Kasim during 17th century. Since then, so many champions of the ‘Peaceful’ religion came into the country and nourished Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb. And Hindus have been licking Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb since then so proudly that sometimes, it is very difficult to believe, if they are Hindus at all !!

Mughals were excellent practitioners of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb, so good that they sometimes practised it with their own brothers / fathers / sisters and mothers. In recent decades, Ajmal Kasab / Afzal Guru had been outstanding heroes of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb. Hindus of all varieties continued licking Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb lovingly like competition to hold / participate in Iftars in clownish clothes.

And Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb flourished like never before. Any number of rapes / gang-rapes / Love-jihads / animal-slaughter / Halalas / brutal murders / Triple Talaqs DOES NOT stop Hindus from licking Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb lovingly and so lovingly !! When a Hindu boy Ankit was brutally slaughtered in Delhi by family of his Muslim girl-friend, Ankit’s father organised an Iftar in response to murder of his son in the name of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb !! And Muslim-beasts brazenly came over to lick the spread offered like street-dogs !! We are the most Ahimsavadi Vasudhaiva-Kutumbakees in the world, after all.

Then Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb spread almost all over the world. Be it Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan…Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb has been rocking the world. So many international statesmen came into existence through ardent pursuit of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb viz. Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Hafiz Assad etc. So powerful is the Tahzeeb that it functioned excellently well in those countries in spite of the fact that those countries have neither Ganga nor Jamuna !!

May be, some intense believer in Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb collected water from these two rivers in this country and sprinkled all over in those countries. And wise Hindus have been rushing to those countries to lick Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb so much so that PM Modi / NSA Doval sometimes have to organise rescue operations at enormous cost to the nation to stop them from licking Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb in those countries !!!

Champions of Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb are really great guys, no doubt about that. But Hindus licking Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb are far greater and wiser than those who perpetuate the Tahzeeb !!

Long live Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb!