With bombings, terror attacks, forced conversions, destruction of temples and churches, Love-Jihad etc. unabated, is it possible to have a dialogue with Islam given that Muslim leadership never condemns these acts of inhumanity / depravity because these are ‘sacred’, various forms of Jihad?? Rather, these are admired by some publicly.

Do they really listen to reason? What is the definition of their reason? How do they define logic? Is there any logic other than ‘Islam is greatest of all faiths’, ‘Entire world belongs to Allah’, ‘Only Muslims are sensible / superior human beings’, ‘Non-Muslims are excessively inferior human beings’, ‘Non-Muslims must accept Islam’, ‘Non-Muslims have no right to survive as Non-Muslims’, ‘Muslims are Koran-bound to forcibly convert all non-Muslims to Islam’, ‘All possessions of Non-Muslims actually belong to Muslims’, ‘Muslim women must be black-draped from tip to toe’……is that not all clean / plain invitation to fierce crimes / blood-bath as in past, for 1400 years all over the world?

Will Muslims tell the world, what they have contributed to the world in terms of knowledge, culture, inventions, discoveries etc.? Why is that a miniscule community of Jews has scores of Nobel Laureates while Muslims have just a few that can be easily counted on fingers in spite of being second largest population group in the world?

Why is that any qualification from any institution in the world whether Ph.D from London School Of Economics, MBA from Harvard Business School, MS / Ph.D from California Institute Of Technology, highly qualified Neuro-surgeon at Cleveland Medical Centre…fails to reform them and they just remain Muslims?? Permanently as ever !!!

This sub-continent has a history of 1000 years of Hindu-Muslim strife – Gayasuddin Balban slaughtered 1,00,000 Rajputa-s of Mewat in 1265; Allauddin Khilji slew 30,000 Hindu-s of Chittor in 1303; Pherozeshah Tughlaq killed 1,80,000 Hindu-s of Bengal in 1353; Bahmanis slaughtered 5,00,000 Hindu-s of Vijayanagar Empire in 1365; Taimur Lang slaughtered 1,00,000 Hindu-s in 1398; Akbar killed 50,000 Hindu-s of Narsinghpur in 1560 and 30,000 of Chittor in 1568 followed by ‘Jauhar’ of 8,000 Rajputa women to avoid necrophilia by Muslim invaders; Nadir Shah butchered 3,00,000 Hindu-s of northern Bharata in 1738; then Mopla in Malabar, Noakhali, Kolkata and post-Partition riots account for genocide of lakhs of Hindu-s. Have you ever heard even a single Muslim uttering even a single word of condemnation of these pogroms? Does any such concept exist in their minds at all? Is there any sign of any kind of truce / settlement today? Can there be a truce / settlement possible?

Will they ever stop killing people in the name of Allah, Sunni vs. Shia vs. Ahmediya vs. Khoja vs. Bohra vs. Kafir vs……………

Why is that non-Muslim communities just disappeared from Muslim countries while population of Muslims in any non-Muslim country grows exponentially? And quite intriguingly, population of Muslims in a Muslim country remains almost stable !!! Why so?

Why is that Muslims are safe in colonies / localities dominated by Hindu-s while converse is so horrifying that on one may even visualise that?

Is it really possible for a Pakistani / Bangladeshi terrorist to blast a bomb in the country without support of local Muslims? Not at all. After every blast, Congress Governments advised Hindu-s to maintain calm and get ready to be killed soon, in next blast for all those who escaped this time around !!! Why don’t they condemn terror acts in strongest possible terms? More so, when Congress organises that then goes for white-washing??

Why should Bharatiya Muslims go against their own Government which did so much for them / gave so much to them since Independence?

They always blame / accuse Government of day for their pathetic status. Why don’t they concede, it is only Islam and Islam alone responsible for their pathetic state of affairs? Unless they discern reality, how can remedial measure be accurate, focused and effective? How long can they do with the narrative of victimhood? Whether Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Rohingyas, Uighar in China, Tatars of Central Asia…everywhere they are victims and victims alone !!!!

Why should Bharatiya Muslims target Bharata, a nation where they enjoy more freedom and protection than in Pakistan / Saudi Arabia / any other Muslim country? Why can’t they understand, if they destroy Bharata / Hindu-s, they shall be destroyed themselves?

Will they ever accept that secularism is an issue with them alone? Is it not that Muslims alone have to prove they are secular and practise secularism in letter and spirit? That secularism is in no way a burden of Hindu-s??

Congress is bent upon playing with Hindu sentiments. Their objective is to destroy Sanatana Hinduism and wipe out all Hindu-s from the country. They do everything possible under the sun to humiliate Hindu-s and discriminate against them. It all started with MK Gandhi who aided and abetted by asking Hindu-s to prefer death rather than retaliation !! And Congress appointed him “Rastra-Pita”. Why don’t Muslims refuse to be political pawns in their hands and boycott Congress lock, stock and barrel forever??

All Muslim vs. Non-Muslim riots are started by Muslims. Be it a Christian country, Jewish Israel or Buddhist Burma / China, everywhere Muslims are at war with non-Muslims. How is that Muslims have serious problems with every community in the world and every community in the world has serious problems of existence with only one community in the world i.e. Muslims??

Gujarat riots revealed, Hindu-s do keep quiet for a long time but when they are riled, ridiculed, despised, their women raped, men killed and children burnt in train, they blow up and then, blow up badly. Riots do not erupt in a day. They are eruptions of years and generations of suppressed anger, frustration of a silent majority being marginalised and taken for granted by various Governments.

Muslims always bite the hand that feeds them, be it Bharata, Germany, UK or any other country, even their own parents / kin !! Is it mandated in Koran by their Allah??

Yes, you do come across ‘wonderful’, ‘well-educated’ Muslims holding degrees from Harvard / Stanford / London School Economics etc. talking sense and behaving perfectly well…however, why is that even those Muslims do not accept a word of criticism of Islam or that Quran badly requires massive dose of revision?? Baffling, indeed.

Why is that even so-called highly enlightened Muslims chose Islam if provided to chose only one between Islam and nation?

Will Islam change for the better? Problem lies with Quranic text which does not allow them to see the reality. Islam refuses to accept that Islam is invariably the oppressor, tormentor and not the victim, be it Kashmir, Chechnya, France or Palestine. They are fighting for the ownership of Sri Ram Janmabhumi as if Islam is an Indian cult / religion and Mohammed was born in Ayodhya !!

Will Mullahs of Islam ever sit down to re-write Quran, a book of medieval ages when mentalities were so different, compatible with social / climatic conditions of Saudi Arabia where Islam came into being? Hardly appropriate and valid today. Do Muslims really respect other faiths and declare so in so many words?

Whenever any enlightened one strives to open their eyes wide shut, for instance Tarek Fatah and Taslima Nasreen, he / she is immediately issued murder threats. When will Muslims strictly ban themselves from behaving in such an atrocious, beastly manner??

Will Muslims ever reject their ominous tricks of Taqiyya, Kitman, Tawriya, Taysir, Darura and Muruna? Are these really meant for a modern, civilised society?

So many efforts by so many have gone down the drain. Statesmen praise them, ignore their monstrous behaviour, grant doles and refuge in the fond hope that they would improve. Alas, they do not. They rather become more fierce and oppressive by the end of every day. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was so poignantly on the target when he observed in his The Partition Of India, “Islam is a close corporation and the distinction that it makes between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. There is a fraternity but it’s benefit is confined to those within that corporation. For those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity.” Have a read of what a British author Sam Harris has to say in his title THE END OF FAITH Religion, terror And The Furure Of Reason, published by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd. –
They are extremely distressed by the ‘fact’ that they have the most ‘THE MOST SUPERIOR RELIGION’ in the world yet the political power that they enjoy across the world, is negligible / utterly disproportionate.
Muslims are the biggest killers of Muslims themselves. Koran worships death.
Islam cannot be reformed at all. Every page of Koran preaches religious intolerance / violence. Muslim mothers inspire their children to commit suicide for the love of Allah.
Their poverty / lack of education is deliberate by design / conviction rather than some sort of misfortune.
Muslims hate and destroy modernity. If modernised, they would destroy themselves for being modern. Muslims are much more dangerous when they are prosperous. Still more dangerous when well-educated.
Indoctrination of these in Madrassas at tender age ensures, these values (?) are perpetuated perpetually, generation to generation.

Wealthy Muslims never ever support non-Muslims. Only after a nationwide hue and cry against Asaduddin Owaisi of AIMIM, that he ‘condescended’ to donate mere Rs. 1 crore to flood affected pilgrims of Sri Kedarnath Dham in 2013 out of his trust. Kashmiri Hurriyat separatist Yasin Mallik came out in the open to shamelessly snatch relief material from ‘Your Government’ of New Delhi during floods in Valley while demanding ‘Azadi’ from and cursing the same ‘Your Government’ in New Delhi, all concurrently. So ordained was he by his Allah !! I am not aware of even a single instance wherein a Muslim donated his / her organ for transplantation to any non-Muslim but they have no qualms in accepting anything, rather snatching from anyone, anything and everything. Is it really ordained by Allah?? Why can’t they reject it even if ordained by Allah as even ‘Allah’ may blunder sometimes in a tricky situation??

They must know that time is running out. People are losing their innocence and their patrons in media have been steadily losing ground. Western media made a hero out of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, villain of Vladimir Putin who killed hundreds of children in Beslan, made a monster of President George Bush and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Such mediamen are steadily going into oblivion. Sooner or later, entire world outside the pale of Islam shall end up waging war against this faith or that faith, including Islam.

Time is fast approaching wherein anything Islamic shall be a suspect.
Any Muslim looking man / woman shall be a suspect.
Anybody with a Muslim name shall have problem in entering into a country.
Those having Muslim-friends shall quietly stop meeting them on one pretext or the other.
Governments may be forced to clamp down hard on their Muslim populations.
Entire families shall have to move out of Muslim enclaves all over the world and resettle elsewhere.
They may even be allocated a few countries in the world wherein all Muslims shall be forced to be accomodated, to allow others to live a peaceful life in others parts of the world.
They must open up to reform Quran and themselves immediately, before it is irrepairably too late.