Is there a genius in Psychology who can explain MASS-STUPIDITY

By now it is more than 1400 years of ‘Peaceful’ crimes by a ‘Peaceful’ community against humanity all over the world. Their so-called ‘Holy’ book itself is Manual : How To Commit Heinous Crimes Against Hapless Humanity. Still you find a very large number of congenital morons of a very special grade who peddle communal harmony, all religions are equal, respect all faiths, win them over through love…. and all that stinking crap.

Quite surprisingly, Bharatiyas in Bharata and Europeans in their countries have been competing against each other, who is more stupid than the other in appeasing / mollifying that very ‘peaceful’ community !!

So strange is the case of Sikhs. After Operation Blue Star, destruction of Hari Mandir in Golden Temple Complex, not a single, I repeat, not a single Sikh vote should have ever gone to Congress who have Sikh blood on their hands. They have disappointed us all to no limits.

Is there a genius in Psychology who can explain mass-stupidity of human race (except Jews of course !!) in spite of their being endowed with intellectual faculties??