Entertainment Tax goes to the nation and not to President’s pocket!

Annual ritual of President attending National Filmfare Awards must be done away with. President of Bharata represents the nation while film industry represents Daud Ibrahim and other gangsters, mostly overseas.

Film industry has, more or less, always been anti-nationalistic / anti-Hindu. They care two hoots about nation’s heritage and dish out vulgar rubbish in the name of freedom of expression.

What sort of values they wish to implant in the country, even they may not be in a position to define. They do not miss any opportunity to abuse the country and some of them are quite notorious for those compulsions.

Many of them argue / howl in favour of Pakistan like traitors.

Satyajit Ray so arrogantly sold nation’s poverty and miseries through his films to earn Lifetime Oscar Award and you shall find so many ‘worshipping’ him for his ‘talent’ !!

One mighty ‘ball-bearing’ of film industry haughtily claimed, Government charges 50% Entertainment Tax hence, they enjoy every right to be ‘entertained’ by the Government through President !!

Well, the nincompoop must know that the dirty money of their Entertainment Tax goes to the nation and not to President’s pocket !!

Nation has every right to charge / levy Entertainment Tax on their activities and they are legally / duty bound to pay that free from any obligation laid at the door-steps of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

It is high time Government acts tough and film industry must be made to mend their ways. Widespread perception that they are accountable / answerable to Daud Ibrahim only and Government of Bharata not supposed to touch them even with a barge-pole, must be dispelled forever. They must learn and be taught how to be disciplined and responsible citizens / natives of the nation.