Why Bengal is a HOBE-NA State

Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University has a huge picture of Karl Marx displayed prominently. What the University teaches, what sort of citizens are they manufacturing for the country, is very well explained by that.

It also explains why Bengal is a HOBE-NA State because first response to every suggestion / question in Bengal is Hobe Na i.e. not possible !!

Language fundamentalism is extreme, only to be experienced to be believed. I would prefer to call them language-fanatics.

It is not that the rot started with Jyoti Basu. It started well during 18th century itself. May be 17th.

Anti-Hindu secularism has been a great virtue in Bengal since ‘glorious’ days of Tagore itself. It is only now, under MamataB-Raj, Bengali Hindus are learning strange realities like Hindu-unity etc. under growing following of RSS.

Hindus understand Hindu-unity only when they are brutalised by non-Hindus, one of the most unfortunate realities associated with Hindus.

I did not find any respect for staunch Bengali nationalists like Netaji Bose (we are free today only because of him) or Dr. SP Mukherjee who founded Jana Sangha now BJP, saviour of the country from vicious clutches of traitors and dacoits.

Is not Ishvara punishing them severely like in Kashmir for abusing Hinduism?

You stay in Kolkata just for a week and you shall be convinced why British-Dacoits entered into the country through Bengal only and why it was so easy for them to spread out all over from there.

MamataB is hell-bent to destroy Bengal beyond recognition.