Universe is in reality, tranquil at it’s core albeit celestial activities beginning with birth of planetary bodies and culminating into complete dissolution after a long cosmic cycle continues eternally.

Oceans are serene in their lower depths while exceedingly turbulent on surface. Human life too, appears to be perpetually in turmoil.

Whenever we are mired in turmoil and tired of turbulence, we longingly sigh for some ‘peace of mind’ expecting it to reach us from some obscure external source.

That reservoir of tranquility resides within us while we are continuously engaged in exploring for something outside us albeit it exists within us.

It is this rope of turmoil and turbulence that leads us to the tranquillity concealed within us. It is our mind that is expected to hold on to the rope and our intellect, guide the way culminating into the attainment that we crave for.

This is the only mechanism available before us, provided to us by the Providence, to surmount the turmoil howsoever turbulent.

If today we stand convinced of the right way to transcend turmoils of all sorts, whiff of tranquility lying at the core of every turmoil is rendered perceptible immediately. Till the grand moment of being so convinced arrives, we continue wallowing in the welter of turmoils and turbulence.

If tranquillity is impossible to be overwhelmed by turmoil, why do we allow problems of life to bully us? Every turmoil in life carries it’s solution ensconced at it’s core and we just have to unravel the turmoil to arrive at the solution before the turmoil overwhelms us.

Whenever we are bogged down by a turmoil, the only fact relevant is to unravel it to blow it away and not at all analysing entire ‘horoscope’ of the anomalous situation. Quite often, turmoil turns out to be trivial which might have been traumatising us absolutely disproportionately.

Children playing on seashore with moist sand extend a precious lesson of life to us. Whatever they craft with moist sand whether a house, hut, animal or some weird looking edifice, is invariably washed away by sea waves, sometimes even incomplete.

Often they are not even allowed enough time by waves to behold, admire and enjoy those structures gleefully. In spite of all those ‘traumas’ being inflicted upon them by sea waves again and again, children restart with a renewed vigour squealing in joy, creating another structure or sculpture with moist sand afresh.

Quite precisely, waves of turmoil often wash away all our efforts in life. Should we then retreat like cowards and sulk in a corner for the rest of our lives? Are we ordained for that? None of it.

Saying ‘Thumbs Up’ to life joyously, with a cheerful laughter not only symbolises profound positive attitude towards His creations but also absence of Ahamkara.

In such a state of enlightenment, crisis of turmoil is modified into a cause of celebration of sort and a newer resolve to start afresh. If turmoil of a crisis causes seriousness or augmented religiousness, it is raising barriers around ourselves culminating into being self-handicapped.

Aridity of this variety transforms life into being a mere desert and nothing germinates out of it. Children squealing in joy on seashore watching their creations being washed away like it never existed at all, is at the core of essence of life that is joyous and tranquil.

Joyous because it dissipates scars of crisis and tranquil because it inspires to begin all over again with an absolutely untainted mind and intellect. You may be surprised to learn that Jews have best of jokes in the world which they invented after undergoing centuries of holocaust after holocaust.

They somehow succeeded in discovering the tranquillity hidden within those centuries of miseries and holocausts, loudly said ‘Yes’ to life, guffawed heartily and transformed entire turmoil, so intense and too frequent, into boons of prosperity. Today they are mighty enough to stand alone in the world should entire world resolves to isolate them in a corner.

Infinite reservoir of tranquillity embedded deep within us, constantly prods us to calm down, retain our innate serenity in the midst of storms and calamities of life.

It knocks at the door of our wisdom often, emitted directly by the Supreme Absolute. No doubt we have been thrown into the ocean of Karma yet He uninterruptedly continues throwing at us life-guards to ferry us to the seashore of safety and eventual emancipation.

And we are repeatedly reminded never to ignore such Karma-Lifeguards sent to us by Him, by realised Sadhaka-s and Tapasvi-s, recognise them instantly and ensure our immunity to turmoil and turbulence prevalent in the world remains intact.

All such enlightened ones inevitably evolve into an inexhaustible source of inspiration for so many others around them. Aureole that they attain and carry around along, radiates all over and subtly inspires others to focus on their mystical tranquillity eclipsed within and experiment with life again and again, every time afresh.

That treasure of tranquillity that we all hold within our mortal frames, is too precious to be forgotten even for a fraction of moment. No other treasure howsoever precious, may ever match our innermost tranquillity on any parameter of attribute so ascribed to it.