Eternal Meeting

I didn’t need to ask any questions,
I didn’t need to know anything,
Nor did he ask me any questions,

We just talked and talked,
Anything ….everything,
Did we already know each other?

No, we had never met,
Very soon, he was saying,
Be happy always,
Keep smiling,
Worries me when I don’t see you,

One day he said,
I want to come see you just once,
My heart skipped a beat,
It could be the end of the world,
I knew,
But I said, ‘yes,’

And there he was standing before me,
Won’t you hug me once,
He asked,
This could be the end of the world,
I knew,
But I moved a few steps,
And fell into his arms,

And then melted the dormant volcanoes,
The pains and pangs of ages flowed,
Flowed into streams,
Reaching and merging,
Into the stillness and calmness of his heart,

He let me cry,
He let me be,
He had come for a day or two,

But he stayed,
Stayed in my heart,
Stayed on my eyes,
Stayed in my every pore,
I slept, slept peacefully,
My head on his shoulder,
His arms around me,

No words were needed,
No questions, no answers,
Only stillness and silence,
We froze,
Froze into eternity…