Love : It is not a duality, it is a triangle

‘Maallik’ is a name for God, a Sufi name. It means exactly what the English word “lord” means — the master of all. Love is the god or the goddess, because there is nothing higher than love.

Love is the supreme-most experience. Everything else is in the service of love. Love is nobody’s servant; love is the master, and whenever people make love a servant to something else they destroy love. Love cannot exist as a servant; it can exist only as a master.

When two persons fall in love they both become servants of love, not servants of each other; and that’s where the whole misunderstanding happens.

Because they cannot see the love — love is invisible — they start feeling as if they have become a servant of the other, and then the resentment — because nobody wants to lose one’s freedom — and the fear that love brings, the fear that one is getting into a kind of bondage, that one is getting fettered.

Hence the fear of all love, and out of fear, the effort to dominate the other so that he cannot dominate you. Before he starts dominating or she starts dominating, you have to impose your domination.

That is the conflict of all lovers, and the whole misunderstanding is because they cannot see some invisible phenomenon which is higher than both. They have not fallen in love with each other, they have fallen in love. Love is a third force. Once this is understood love takes on a totally new dimension. Then there is no conflict, no fear. They both serve something higher, something beyond both.

In real love it is not a duality, it is a triangle.

The love god is there, high on top of both lovers, and the lovers are there. This god need not be fought, because to fight with it is to fight with your own ultimate possibility of flowering… because this god of love is your intrinsic core, your ultimate expression.

Surrender to it! Efface yourself completely. Let it descend in you. Become so totally available and empty for it that not a slight hitch, not a slight bit of cleverness, cunningness, remains in you. And if one can be so totally one with the god of love, one becomes love itself; one becomes God itself.