तुम्हीं से जन्मूँ तो मुझे पनाह मिले…

I chose to love you
Love you with all openness

Love you with my arms spread wide
Love you with every pore every breath

I chose to love you
Without any fears, bondages, boundaries

I came running to meet you
I wanted to melt in your arms

To feel your breath on my chest on my eyes on my forehead
I was intoxicated
I had no other way
I wanted to drink it to the lees

I wanted the heaven the earth the skies all in my lap
I was pushed by some force reckless
I didn’t heed to any warnings

Nothing mattered
What mattered was I wanted to feel love
Be drenched it
Get it stored in my being for the immemorial times to come
Unrestrained I flew
Unrestrained I got fulfilled

Photo Courtesy – Bollywood Photographer Jayesh Sheth