A poor Scottish farmer was walking down the road. Suddenly, he heard a cry for help. To his horror, he found a boy mired in black muck upto waist and struggling furiously to pull himself out. The farmer immediately geared up, swung into action and pulled out the boy to safety. He brought him home, gave a wash and something to eat, then let him go home.

Next morning, an aristocratic gentleman knocked at his door. The farmer came out to be greeted by him, “You saved my son. I am grateful to you and wish to reward you.”

“Thanks”, said the humble farmer, “But I don’t need any reward. I just did what I felt, should have been done at that moment of reckoning.”

“Is he your son?” asked the nobleman pointing to the young lad standing behind and peeping curiously. The farmer nodded in affirmation.

The aristocrat nobleman offered him to educate his son as a gesture which the poor farmer accepted after a bit of hesitation.

Years passed. Farmer’s son grew up to become Sir Alexander Fleming who was awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine for discovery of the first antibiotic, known as Penicillin.

Years passed. Nobleman’s son suffered from a deadly variety of Pneumonia and his life was saved by only one medicine. And the medicine was, Penicillin.

Ostensibly, how intricately entire world in intertwined with the means of Karma-s. Our Karma-s affect others and vice versa. Every Karma once enacted, has to move on till it is redeemed to it’s logical end as we behold in aforesaid series of incident.

One may dodge proceeds of Karma enacted only through Adhyatmika Sadhana, that too, well before it matures into proceeds. Once a Karma matures to deliver it’s proceeds i.e. transformed into Prarabdha, it is impossible even for Param Brahamatma to prevent it from delivering it’s proceeds.

Every Karma multiplies several times over while delivering it’s proceeds irrespective of it’s nature i.e. whether Sakama or Niskama. While both orders of Karma-s inevitably deliver their proceeds, it is only Niskama Karma restricted to pursuit of Sva-Dharma that does not affect it’s performer.

‘Karma & Karmaphala’ is perfectly in harmony with the fundamental doctrine of ‘Cause & Effect’ that governs entire universe.