Menace of dynasticism is a reality of Kaliyuga. You may condemn the ‘cosmic’ phenomenon of dynasticism with the contempt it deserves, however you cannot disown it.

Be it politics, corporate ownership or an “Influence Group” of an organisation worth it’s salt, vanity of the virtue of dynasticism functions at all levels of Consciousness i.e. from the subtlest to the grossest levels of one’s own existence !!!

Sanatana Vedanta Darsana is the most practical Darsana in universe. It also provides Mantra-s and Sutra-s how not to fear dynasticism and harness it to our maximum benefits and other fringe advantages.

If you can’t love it, then love to hate it… and learn how to deal with it.

Hereinasunder are a few advisories that may be of profound assistance to you in dealing with the monster of dynasticism successfully –

Treat corporate family secrets as corporate family jewels, your own but not really your own!! It is similarly valid for ruling dynasties in case of political parties.

Provide Karta of the dynasty in question, regular doses of authentic gossips concerning rival business groups in case of industry, rival groups within the political party as well as rival political party as the case may be.

You must be astute enough to identify the correct rival lest it boomeranges upon you and you are left with no option except to undergo the cruelty and disgrace of a Narco-Loyalty Test again yet remain suspect throughout your mortal existence !!!

Always be the first to present yourself with bouquets in your both hands, be it at airport, sea-port, railway station, taxi-stand or Satellite Launching Centre !! Bouquets are powerful enough to make or mar your entire career, be that ministry, Rajbhavan or Rashtrapati Bhavan !! So choice is your’s only to administer.

Always be the first to be present with a luxurious cake on birthdays or otherwise !! Garnishing of the cake must be error-free lest you languish yourself in the Andamans for the rest of your life !!

Do not swindle money to begin with. Be honest even if you are not genetically honest !! You shall be more than compensated for all the ‘losses’ that you underwent all those years upon retirement when you turn grey and wrinkled !!

Work hard. Be efficient. It’s here alone where efficiency really pays. Prove that not only you are a doer but also can turn others into becoming doers even if you all do nothing in reality !! Right and timely impression is the last impression and not the first impression being last as the proverbial common saying goes around !!!

Tell the Karta what he loves to listen to. One requires years of sophisticated experience and refinement to know what exactly the Karta loves to hear.

Maintain a low profile so that Karta and his family members do not feel threatened of mortification. Hide your talent if you have any. It is always immensely beneficial to appear and conduct oneself like an ignorant bumpkin in political parties and ‘half-baked’ expert in corporate entities. This one is the most important advisory, violation of which may even invite death sentence !!!

Do not be a hurdle in the way of his sons or daughters simply because, blood is eternally thicker than water !!! In politics, dynasts are mostly under-performers hence thickness of blood-relationship is anytimes more relevant fluidity of water-performance or water-merits !!

It is largely a General Practitioner’s prescription. You may customise it to meet your highly refined ends. If these Do’s and Don’ts are observed strictly, you shall never look back. It will be just a path littered with petals and beds of roses all the way. If any one of Commandments is violated, you may have to regret for the rest of your life. So be amply cautious.

That is the way to tackle the menace of dynasticism!!