See the Quality, not Quantity of desires and aspirations

International Day of the Girl Child
International Day of the Girl Child

Can Happiness be held in our Hands, I do not think any one has ever held it in his hands.

It lies in our Minds.

That’s why one finds even a child living in abject poverty smiling and enjoying playing barefoot in hot sun in a pool of sand, while his parents are working as labour nearby in a building under construction.

The question then arises is What purpose do Our materialistic possessions ; ACs, Cars, Refrigerators, TVs etc serve.
They give us physical comfort and that physical comfort brings physical pleasure.

And probably, till we keep chasing these Physical comforts and Physical pleasure the Happiness will always be illusive.
So, should I be behaving like the above mentioned Child and Look for Happiness in whatever condition I am and become satisfied and happy in the same difficult conditions.

Had it been like that and had everyone given up the desires and aspirations and remained happy barefoot, The mankind wouldn’t have invented SLIPPERS.

So, the question then arises is Can the desires, aspirations be quantified.

Some one said, you do not have to quantify desires, You have to see the Quality of desires and aspirations, you have.
The man who invented SLIPPERS helped the humanity, the man who invented a Sewing machine helped the humanity.
Their desires were Qualitative in nature.

So, our desires and aspirations need to be focused towards the growth and development of society, rather than the quantity of materialistic possessions.