One more, penultimate one, Red bastion has been demolished under leadership of PM Modi. History has been created to be remembered often in posterity. A grand achievement indeed.

Reds should have been destroyed long ago as they have no moral right to survive. With an ideology of rape / loot / murder, they most appropriately selected red colour as symbol of their criminal propensities. I am just unable to figure out as to what prevents Government to ban this criminal ideology forever.

PM Modi is Hero of the nation. Transformation nation has undergone under his leadership, is stupendous.

From advising members of the country to be careful while using antibiotics like a grand-sire, to guiding young students how to tackle examination-tension, supplying water through Jaladoot to parched Latur, rescuing trapped Jesuit nurses / (un-)Holy Fathers from ISIS… in addition to catching thieves of the nation, strengthening security forces, raising GDP / prosperity, drastic decline in farmer’s suicide… his achievements are too many to be listed out here.

Country has been blessed with an astonishingly outstanding and selfless Prime Minister who deserves unqualified / categorical support of all well-meaning members of the country.

We MUST not repeat blunders of our painful history now by swaying to traitors and looters of the nation. World fears unity and prosperity of Hindus hence, we have to be extremely cautious while deciding whom to vote. It is absolutely imperative and essential for Hindus to be extremely security conscious now after decades and centuries of oppression by invaders and home-nurtured traitors.

CM of Tripura must be a man of steel nerves as seething Communists shall not allow the Govt. to function. Govt. machinery of Tripura urgently needs extensive Swacchha-Bharata Abhiyan and Red bigots, very harsh approach within and outside State Assembly right since Day One.

I only wish, I could FlipKart all Yechurys and Karats to North Korea / Cuba !!!