Yes, I love myself

When I look back some decades few
Or some years or months or days in view
I fall in love with myself

A few years ago you left me
I was sad and sullen
Writing poems love -lorn

A few days ago you again left me
I was smiling and at peace
Your perceptions being yours
What they had to do with me

It was so beautiful to have a sound sleep
Let go, let be and not weep
How I loved myself !

A few decades ago I was so scared
What might befall
What nightmares turn real
What fears surreal

Now having gone through all
The pains and the griefs
The deaths and the rotten leafs
The separations and the disease
I here stand strong
Fearless, unbroken
Self- realized, Self -reliant
For me now no deviant

Oh… how I love myself
Grown from a girl wary
To a woman brave and daring

Life has played with me an alchemy
What once I was, I am not
Don’t you dare mess with me
I am my own Philosopher’s stone
Call me an egoist and you be gone

I love myself
Why shouldn’t I
Why should I depend upon you
Why should you at your will make me laugh and cry
I have earned it hard
I won’t just let it fly
Decades have burnt me and in many a pain did I die

I transformed
I metamorphosed
Now it is my time to fly
Yes, I love myself

When I look back and see what has gone by ………….
How I survived and got up again
Don’t you call that vain
Yes, I love myself………