Premdasi : A Servant of Love

‘Prem’ means ‘Love’, ‘Dasi’ means a ‘Servant’ – ‘A Servant of Love.

And to be a servant of love is to become a master. Only one who serves love becomes a master, and only that person. Others remain slaves.

Others pretend to be masters but are not. They think they possess their possessions but the reality is that their possessions possess them.

They are slaves of a thousand and one desires. Their life is a continuous life of slavery. They live imprisoned in their own desires.

Love liberates.

Love is not a desire. Desire is begging. Love gives, hence the mastery that comes through love. Love gives unconditionally; love knows only how to give.

Desiring is just the opposite process: it begs, snatches, steals, exploits; it is always trying to get more and more from others. So love is not a desire but just the opposite of desire.

And if love is also a desire, then it is lust; it is not love.

Many people are very confused between lust and love.

Love is a totally different dimension. Love is not of the mind; love is divine. It comes from the beyond — it is not of the world. And once you have started serving love you are rich, because the more you give, the more you receive from the beyond.

And only the giver can be the emperor.

My message is basically of love.

That’s what I teach as meditation and I teach as prayer and I teach as God. If a man knows how to be loving he has known all that is worth knowing.

If a man has come to know the flavor of love his life is fulfilled. He has come to bloom and his fragrance is released to the winds. Now there is no grudge, no complaint, only gratitude.