We need something like a Hadees for Hindus

We need something like a Hadees for Hindus. Let me explain why.

Hadees is the record of Muhammad’s deeds and words, which Muslims use as a point of reference for their actions.

There is too much choice available for Hindus and the material is too scattered. However, there is a general consensus that Ram and Krishna are heroes to be emulated.

If incidents from their lives are picked and the compilation named अनुकरणीय राम कृष्ण, it would be easy for modern parents and children who are dissociated from our cultural values.

Let’s be realistic, this is a fact and venting steam to blame whoever is not a solution. Let’s work towards solutions and remember that life does not have a Reset or Reformat button. One has to live with the damage done.

Why have I not included Chhatrapati Shivaji or Maharana Pratap?

That will open a Pandora’s box, every region will demand their hero be included and it will just hurtle beyond control.

Do respond as to how you find this.