Brouhaha over Sangha-Pramukha Bhagavatji’s statement is utterly ludicrous. Either they have not understood him or deviously raising a dust-storm for political / anti-national reasons.

What he said and meant is that large body of disciplined Svayamsevaks is ever ready to be picked up and trained by the Army for any service for the nation.

And Army shall be able to train them in just 3 days flat while it takes 6 / 7 months for raw civilians to reach that level of expertise. Given so many traitors raising their heads all over the country and delivering pro-Pakistani statements, Sangha-Pramukha’s statement is very opportune as it re-assures all, nation is safe and secured and there is no exigency whatsoever to worry on that count.

RSS prevented Kashmir going to Pakistan in 1947 while Nehru was fooling around UN and of course, Edwina Mountbatten !! RSS did a sterling job in 1962 China war which was surprisingly, acknowledged by Nehru and he invited RSS to participate in Republic Day Parade-1963. RSS participated in the Parade with a 3500 strong contingent of Svayam-sevaks.

While Nehru was notorious for his habit of dithering over vital national issues, RSS stepped in and quickly threw out Portuguese from Goa in a matter of hours. It was RSS that liberated Goa and not Gandhi-Nehru’s Congress with goat’s milk in one hand and Multani-Mitti in the other with their faces ready to take slaps on both cheeks as a measure of Ahimsa !!

Now Pidi politicians are smelling something they like to smell and get busy with that as they are unemployed, not even allowed to loot the country anymore.

Army / Navy / Air Force defend external borders while RSS defend the nation across internal borders. Defending internal borders is much more tricky than defending external borders. Nation exists today ONLY because of Army and RSS together.
Any amount of spitting on the sky by the likes of Mani Shankar Aiyer and RahulG cannot change realities of history.

There are ONLY and ONLY four dignitaries in the entire Brahmanda i.e. Universe who are capable of understanding mind of a Sanghi. They are –

Mahesh and of course

Another Sanghi !!!!

There is NO other way you can understand RSS. Once you join it, you shall never leave it. Such a wonderful organisation is RSS, cannot be matched by any other organisation anywhere in the world.
History of mankind is not aware of any such organisation that might have existed before.
Hail Hindu-Rashtra. Hail RSS.