The best way to eradicate ‘dangers’ to democracy

Hon. Prime Minister,
NaMo Namaha.

‘Swaccha Bharata Abhiyan’, equivalent to or may be more significant than ‘Quit India 1942’ movement, has been very well on stream. Emphasis on ‘open-defecation free’ Bharata, construction of wash-rooms across the country are perfectly in order, huge social transformation indeed.

However, what intrigues me so much is complete absence of emphasis on well-organised garbage-collection and disposal models in every town / village of the country. Mere every day brooming of cities is not enough and cities are riddled with eye-sores of garbage dumps. People are compelled to dirty cities as there is no mechanism / model available to them for garbage disposal so as to maintain cities garbage-dump free.

Parallel to ‘open-defecation free’ Bharata, ‘garbage-dump free’ Bharata too, is equally essential for which no significant effort worth it’s salt appears to have been rendered so far. Several international agencies are very active in this regard who develop customised to the town garbage-collection and disposal models, run them for some time, train manpower to run them followed by finally handing over to local authorities to be managed by them.

Cities / towns and their roads abroad remain clean and bright as they all have proper models to tackle the sanitation issue of garbage. But for that purpose, concerned Ministry has to approach them to undertake the gigantic task all over the country. Garbage-dump free, spick and clean cities command excellent electoral value too and sway huge number of votes in polling booths too, Mr. Prime Minister. Kindly instruct concerned authorities to approach them for this mission.

Like Oliver Twist of Charles Dickens, our Hon. MPs perpetually ask for more. They want pay-hike as they are unable to meet their both ends !! So strange and unbelievable !! If it is unethical for Justices of higher judiciary to appoint themselves, it is equally unethical for MPs to vote for their pay-hike in Parliament. Charles Dickens too, had not allowed Oliver Twist to have more so easily !! There are advanced economies wherein MPs are allowed only perquisites and facilities to work with no salary at all.

I suggest, our Hon. MPs as well as Not-so-Hon. MPs be paid maximum salary permissible under Minimum Wages Act so that they ever remain grounded to ground realities of the country, for every pay-hike they will have to first raise minimum wages of toiling masses under the Act, no one shall ever object to such a pay-hike if enacted through Minimum Wages Act and finally, it shall invite only committed leaders to aspire for membership of Parliament. If politics is to evolve into selfless service to the nation, it must not be allowed to decay into an occupation for earning livelihood or acquiring possessions.

Those four danger-mongering Justices of the Supreme Court who held a press-conference to declare “Democracy in danger”, must be most ‘democratically’ eased out by being superseded and next in the order competence be appointed to succeed incumbent CJI when he retires. I believe, that is the best way to eradicate ‘dangers’ to democracy !!

Every time a senior dignitary goes to Arunachal Pradesh, Chinese start huffing and puffing all over. Kindly raise a Rashtrapati-Nivas in AP capital and let President / PM / RM visit the State frequently, stay there for a few days to ensure, territorial / political integrity of the country is permanently in highest mode while Chinese huff and puff uninterruptedly entertaining all of us. I believe, you shall find that an interesting idea, Mr. Prime Minister.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari