Meeting You : Either an end of a cycle Or a beginning

Meeting you was either
An end of a cycle
A phase
Or a beginning
Leaving you too was either
An end of a cycle
A phase
Or a beginning

It was like
I was reaching an end
Or going back to my origins

I was in the making
Or I was unlayering
An infinity
Or a zero

You were not you
Your hug was
Like the Universe was hugging me tight
Your kiss was like
The lips of the cosmos were dissolving
Into mine

I was not merging and dissolving into you
I was dissolving into a oneness
Becoming one with the whole
Going back to my primordial state
Orgasmic merger of the Yin and yang

Secrets unraveling
Mysteries opening up
Or nothing just there
I was honoring myself
My body my soul

I was made
Or I was unmade
You were nowhere there
You were not around
It was Bliss
It was me bathing in the nectar
It was me becoming pure and serene

A peace a silence sprawled
Wrapped up all
I dissolved
I didn’t exist
I died
I was born anew
I was everything
I was nothing