I met a Siddha Yogi somewhere in north Bharata few years ago, sat down for discussions / Darsana… suddenly he asked me, “Do you have a Daksina-Mukhi Samkha at your place of worship?” I asked him innocently, “What is it, Maharaja ji?

Never heard about any such thing before.” He smiled and explained, “It’s mouth opens on it’s right side. It is a divine Samkha and stays with only those who are blessed… noble… pious…etc”. I politely prayed to him,”Maharaja ji, if you find me eligible, kindly let me have one.” And he agreed.

Then he lightly wrapped my both palms in a saffron piece of cloth, mumbled some Mantra-s for a few seconds… I was shocked and horrified to feel something between my palms, a bit scared also… then he unwrapped my palms, opened it… I was stunned, dazed, astounded…. to find a very beautiful palm-sized Samkha in my hands with a few water drops were stuck to it alongwith a few sand-grains. Maharaja ji explained, it has been brought straight from ocean-bed. I was dumb-founded, too shocked to utter a word from my mouth for quite sometime….

Maharaja ji had told me it was a divine Samkha. It’s water can cure diseases. On an experimental basis, I cured two such cases with that, one was the case of Asthma and the other, Psercoidosis… then decided not to indulge anymore with it. As advised by him, I worshipped the Samkha every morning.

Then he asked me to pick up a small piece of paper lying in a corner, hold it in my right fist, mumbled something, then asked me to open my palm… and it was a Sri Yantra of Asta-Dhatu. Similarly, he created a small piece of coral too.

Then we joined in for some Adhyatmika discussions. While leaving, my friend requested him to have Prasada straight from the feet of Vasudeva Sri Krsna. And he smiled and promptly obliged by asking me to join my both opened palms and remember Sri Krsna… a piece of Pista-Barfi fell on my palms which we all were thrilled to share.

Maharaja ji did not allow me to share his whereabouts with anyone. So I am not disclosing his name or address of his Asrama in this post.

It was for the first time in my life, I witnessed energy being converted into mass of an object. Hitherto, it was only the other way round known and beheld. And never again thereafter, so far.

It brought about tremendous changes in me…. suddenly I developed strong faith in entire ‘so-called’ (??) mythology… miracles…….. the experience was too intense, it took me a long time to get comfortable with it. It is just one among so many I have been undergoing.