My steps can’t be retraced now, I have come too far

My steps can’t be retraced now
I have come too far
Can’t return
Don’t want to return

What was, was good
What is, is good
And I don’t want to think of future

And then at the end of the day
It is all about you
How beautifully you handle it all
Saying ‘ thank you ‘ for whatever help you receive

All acts and words of love are just bonus points
You are privileged if you get some
No matter of right it is

I loved you
That was enough for me
I could love you because You were there
Without You there couldn’t be any love
Only your being there mattered

After a while that also didn’t matter
It was all about me
It is all about me
I couldn’t come to you this late
I wouldn’t
My steps just can’t be retraced
I have come too far

I am happy and contented
And when I think of it
I always was
My desires never exceeded my means
My wishes might have
My dreams might have

Dreams were a great help
I fulfilled all my wishes in my dreams
And I was sincerely happy
Now I don’t dream
I don’t need to
I don’t wish either
I don’t need to
Universe became my friend, heard it all
Fulfilled it all

Yes, sometimes I pray
Pray out of love, with love, for love
Yesterday, I fought with God
‘ if you have to go through all these pains
You will know what pain is ‘

And then from behind my smoggy eyes
And heart heaving high
I saw He was crying too
We both cried hard hugging each other

All lines disappeared
We smiled
It was all just so one, so calm, so peaceful
And then I heard a voice
‘ If you have forgotten,
I would like to remind you
I love you, sweetheart, ‘

I slept like a baby
And when I woke up
The sun was shining like the moon
From behind the dark clouds
I folded my hands
And smiling with my tear-slept eyes
‘ Oh, how I love you, my moon ‘

Life is beautiful
Though sometimes it may not seem so
We have to live our karmas
We ourselves have written our destiny
Nobody to blame
It is all about us, by us, for us

Someday, assuredly, we will rise above our karmas
And be the shining, bright, glowing souls
Love is the key
Taking responsibility for ourselves is the key
All anger and blame will disappear
Only Love will remain

I have come this far
Don’t want to return
There is no returning
Only going further and further
That’s why I don’t want to retrace my steps
Just to be with you
And go through it all over again
But I love you
Loving You is loving myself,
Loving the snow- laden trees,
And loving my God…..