Girl becoming Woman

When I look back a few decades
I feel so proud of myself

I see a girl born with a longing
Longing for love, for shelter, for protection
And then I see a woman all flowered
Complete in herself
No longings, no hankering for protection
No shelters sought
My home is me
My love is me
My life is me

I see a girl walking all alone
On the wayward paths
Going to shopping, to library, to department
Crossing untrodden paths
No fears
And I see a woman never feeling alone
Doing all on her own
Dropping off the trodden paths
Holding her head high
People staring in awe

I see a girl reading Bhagwad Gita
Seeing everything as futile
Pondering why to live why not die
And I see a woman gone through life
There may be pain
But all is not vain
Nothing is futile
Why to search for meanings
Why not celebrate what it is
The passage it is for the souls to evolve
Nothing is here that does dissolve
It is all so beautiful
All so divine