Hon. Prime Minister,
NaMo Namaha.


Re-election / re-appointment of our nominee at ICJ after a prolonged diplomatic tussle is a sterling victory of our growing international clout. I am amazed to observe, how under your extra-ordinary leadership five super-powers had to shift into low profile rather retreat and allowed so-called “Great” Britain to eat a humble pie, searching for legitimate excuses to cover up their acute humiliation.

It was something like a highly accomplished neuro-surgeon conducting laparoscopic surgery deep inside British-Brain, drugged with typical British ego, coaxing a defiant nerve to go to it’s right slot without shedding even a drop of British blood !!! An important piece of research by our team that in 1978, 2011 and 2014 ICJ elections were held over 14 rounds, no invocation of any other mechanism and over 15 rounds respectively, turned tables on Britain that sought to constitute a Joint Conference of the Council and General Assembly to stall support-spike in favour of our nominee.

That for the first time, UN General Assembly scored over ever bullying UN Security Council, is a loud statement in favour of UN reforms. That for the first time, there shall be no British Justice on ICJ benches, is a historic development and a hard-hitting lesson for Pakistan playing ‘dirty’ diplomacy hiding behind so-called “Great” Britain. You have tendered a very explicit message to the world, international diplomatic agenda shall be decided hereafter by South Block at Raisina Hills in New Delhi and not by 10, Downing Street in London or the White House in Washington DC.

It is one of the greatest verticals of the Govt., I perused every detail about it I could lay my hands on, deserves to be celebrated properly and widely known to all throughout the nation. Millions of congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister. With such a spectacular victory at ICJ, can permanent membership of UN Security Council and Nuclear Supplier Group be left far behind ?

British retreat instantly reminded me of abject surrender by Lt. Gen. AAK Niazi before Lt. Gen. JS Aurora in 1971 Bangladesh war. It is yet another matter that the grand victory of Bharatiya Sena was wretchedly destroyed by the then PM Indira Gandhi, Lt. Gen. Aurora denied position of COAS which he eminently deserved and festering wounds continued to fester year after year.

I hope, we are now or may be soon poised to demand return of our plundered wealth, intellectual assets, Kohinoor, all artefacts etc. At Oxford University Student’s Union debate, Shashi Tharoor had demanded reparations from British Govt. @ One Sterling Pound a year for 100 years and a Royal apology.

I would demand as a measure of raparations, British Crown hand over their country to us to be governed by us for 200 years. At the end of 200 years, coming British generations would know what we Hindus are capable of doing by transforming them into a healthy, wealthy and prosperous country while their ancestors looted us for 100 years, brutalised millions of Hindus and left lakhs to die on roads out of sheer starvation in Bengal, exposed to hungry vultures while British Prime Minister “Sir” Winston Churchill taunted when told not to snatch our foodgrains to be diverted to British soldiers during Worls War II, “Why Gandhi has not died of starvation so far ?”

We Hindus, are the ONLY civilised and cultured community on this Planet Earth. All other communities have their hands deeply soiled in blood of innumerable innocents and mountains of sins loaded on their heads.

Proposed law banning Triple-Talaq would be the first prominent nail in the coffin of Congressi-Secularism. I am eagerly looking forward to enactment of Uniform Civil Code, final nail in that coffin that will render despotic Islam into a toothless tiger. If coupled with complete ban on proselytization, UCC shall set the nation on right path to a nation in harmony with expectations of 21st century.

Not merely economy, nation itself is undergoing long-overdue structural reforms and all decisions taken by you so far, have been absolutely in the right direction. Flawless governance itself is a great achievement and a rare spectacle that we have been witnessing since 2014, Mr. Prime Minister.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari