Tantra Mantra Yantra : Totka For Dipawali

Do this in dipawali for get money, wealth, and prosperity.

1. On deepawali or guru pushya take a silver or any other metal box. Take some naag keshar, honey and fill these in box and keep it to near goddess laxmi at dipawali night next day in morning put this box in your cash box or in Almira were you keep your money don’t touch this box till next dipawali.

2. On dipawali night burn one clove and one Cardamom  with the camphor read the mantra”shrim” until it burn and become ash. Take the ash and make tilak on laxmi murti, laxmi picture, and all laxmi yantra which are in your home or office.

3. On dipawali take 11 pcs of kori and out the paste of haldi and keshar after pasting put all kori near goddess laxmi next day tie the all kori in yellow cloth and keep it in your cash boxor in Almira were you keep your money.

4. Keep on 6 mukhi rudrakash put it in sliver plate make a puja on dipawali night and on the third day from dipawali mean divtya thithi wear it around your neck.

5. Make two sliver small ball on dhanteras near about 3-3 grams each make puja on deepwali night with laxmi and put in your pocket.

6. When you doing puja of goddess laxmi on dipawali night offer shuhag samagri to goddess laxmi with and good perfume next day after bath say to your wife if you married or your mother take the shuhag samagri and use it.

7. On deepwali take root of banyan tree and tie at your main door of your shop or office with silk thread after laxmi puja color the thread with red sandalwood paste.

8. Keep 5 gomati chakra at laxmi puja the tie in read cloth after puja and keep it in your cash box or in money locker.

– Sohan kumar Sharma
(Astrologer from Orissa Cuttack. Have research in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Feng-shui and in various branches in astrology.)