Like Inspiration and Motivation, it is another issue that confounds several. Let us analyse and remove the cobwebs of confusion and delusion.

Wisdom is always wisdom. It is always TRUE and REAL. Wisdom NEVER undergoes mutation. Knowledge is always unreal and untrue. Knowledge constantly undergoes mutation, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. There have been several occasions when knowledge of decades’ standing was rejected outright as it could not withstand ravages of time.

Wisdom is always innate, intrinsic to the person. It is never acquired or borrowed as it is always internal. Knowledge is external, acquired and paid for or borrowed.

Wisdom is already existing in all of us. We only have to discern and develop it into enlightenment. Everyone is capable of developing wisdom. On the contrary, knowledge does not exist in anyone of us. It has to be attained from external sources and memorised. Everyone may not be qualified to attain knowledge.

Wisdom enables us transcend the sense of multiplicity and isolation. While discernment of wisdom allows us overcome fragmentation and chaos in life, attainment of knowledge goads us towards egoism, exclusivity, elitism and chaotic fragmentation in life.

Wisdom imparts upon us knowledge of what to do and what not to. Knowledge is incapable of doing that.

Wisdom is an experience while knowledge, information.

Wisdom remains true and real for you forever. The moment you impart upon someone else, it becomes knowledge. Then it may not be true and real for the receiver. Whenever wisdom falls from it’s heights of glory to the level of listeners, it is transformed into knowledge.

Wisdom makes you INNOCENT while knowledge, erudite or learned.

Wisdom is ego’s ultimate disappointment while knowledge, golden ray of hope.

Wisdom destroys ego. Wisdom and ego CANNOT live together. Knowledge thrives on ego. In fact, knowledge CANNOT live or survive without ego.

Wisdom is death of ego while knowledge, birth of ego.

Mind is afraid of wisdom because mind dies with the dawn of wisdom and mind does not wish to be suicidal. Knowledge loves mind because mind perpetuates ego, tonic of knowledge.

Wisdom is communicated through SILENCE while knowledge, through words. To attain wisdom, seeker must remain in company of a wise one in utter silence, the meditative one. Knowledge can be attained through books, even in a library, even in a children’s park.

Wisdom is stored in Consciousness while knowledge, in memory. Higher the Consciousness, greater the wisdom; greater the memory, heavier the knowledge.

Wisdom can only be caught while knowledge can only be taught.

Wisdom attracts seeker towards itself lovingly. Knowledge repels, sometimes with hostility.