Are Hindus Being Targeted?

There is a raging debate these days ; ARE HINDUS BEING TARGETED BY JUDICIARY.

When you look at the recent decisions taken by Judiciary it apparently looks to be true But is that the fact.

The SC banned popular Tamil festival Jalikattu on the grounds of cruelty towards animal But then is sacrificng of millions of Goat on one single day is Not cruelty.

Yes , it is, But that is written in their Book ; THE QURAN.

So, nothing can be done.

The crackers are bad for health, Yes they are but Triple Talalq not bad for women so despite SC calling it illegal the Maulanas are openly challenging the SC verdict and flouting it.

I am very clear in my mind now that Many a times people take such decisions because ONE, They would become famous, Two, They know it for sure that There is no fear of any reprisal unlike Muslims who may issue Fatwas, Three, They will be henceforth called as Tough. Four, To prove their SECULAR credentials.

So at the cost of Hindus these people are becoming FAMOUS.

But, as a matter of fact ; Are we competing with Muslims or should we be trying to improve things around.

This is our country. Its we who have to take care of its AIR, WATER, AND SOIL.

No one can deny that Delhi on Diwali day becomes a furnace of Gas. It makes breathing difficult and its effect remains for days in the air.

Do we want to find a way out or continue to behave like Muslims do ; YEH TO HUMAARE QURAN ME LIKHA HAI. CHAHE USME UNKI HI AURONTO KI MUSIBAT HO.

I consider such behaviour as STUPID AND IDIOTIC.

The Hindus must stop feeling small and suffer from any inferiority complex.

We are a Progressive community, We are not fundamentalists and We are Rationale to a reasonable extent and are a Resilient Race.

We have reformed ourselves when needed unlike these people who in the name of religion are still killing poor animals, treating their women as sex slaves and using them just to produce children so that some day they are in Majority ; ALL IN THE NAME OF QURAN.

The administration must reach out to the SC with some reasonable solution as we call it ; THE MIDDLE PATH so that we continue to enjoy our Festival and also do not cause Damage to the ENVIRONMENT.

I am sure this Govt is quite capable of finding the middle road.