Demonetization : I AM LOVING IT!


I had during the demonetisation written that the after effects and the tremors of this EXCERCISE will be felt by the Black money hoarders, for atleast a year or so. Because the Banks and the Govt will have so much of Data with them that these people will have very little chance to escape.

The Registrar of Companies struck off 2,09,032 companies from its lists earlier this year on the suspicion that they were shell companies. The Union government on Friday announced that it has received the post-demonetisation transaction data from 13 banks involving 5,800 companies and 13,140 bank accounts. (Refer Hindu dated 06Oct17).

It said, highlighting the fact that some companies were found to have more than 100 accounts to their names. A company had the highest number of accounts – 2,134, associated with it, followed by others having accounts in the range of 900, 300, and so on
It is informed that, these companies were having a meagre balance to their credit on November 8, 2016. However, from November 9, 2016 i.e. after the announcement of demonetisation, till the date of their being struck off, these companies have altogether deposited a huge amount of Rs 4,573.87 crore in their accounts.

The report says ;The huge money game played by these companies may well be the tip of an iceberg of corruption, black money and black deeds of these and many more of their brethren.”
As this data is only about 2.5% of the total number of suspected companies that have been struck off by the Government one can say with certainty That MANY SECRETS ARE GOING TO BE OUT BEFORE 2019 ELECTIONS.

Notwithstanding the above, Many who had been enjoying for all these years would be trapped in the Tax net.

It would be interesting to check as to How Many new faces have been added in the TAX NET

The country and honest citizen may well look forward to a more cleaner tomorrow.