In Oct. 1947, Brigadier SHFJ Manekshaw, DG (Military Operations) co-attended a meeting with ‘Chacha’ Nehru, Sardar Patel and Sardar Baldeva Singh, chaired by Viceroy Mountbatten (even after attaining so-called independence in Aug., he continued as Viceroy courtesy ‘Chacha’ Nehru !).

Brig. SHFJ bluntly told the Viceroy, if troops are not flown into Srinagar immediately, everything would be lost as road journey was too long, arduous and by that time Pakis would have captured Srinagar airport. He sought permission to fly down troops to Srinagar immediately.

Viceroy looked at ‘Chacha’ Nehru who started talking about UN, Russia, Africa…then Sardar Patel fired ‘Chacha’ Nehru right in presence of the Viceroy, “Where is your order, Jawaharlal ?”, then turned to the brave olive-greened Officer and told him as Dy. PM, “Go ahead.” Thereafter, the brave Brig. SHFJ did a marvelous job in Srinagar. Without Sardar’s blunt intervention, ‘Chacha’ Nehru would have lost J&K for the country forever.

In Feb. 1951, Assam Governor Jairamdas Daulatram suspected evil Chinese plans, ordered a young Naga Officer Major Bob Khathing to move immediately and assume charge of Tawang Valley, now in Arunachala Pradesh which he did very well commanding 200 soldiers while the decision / operation annoyed ‘Chacha’ Nehru to no limits when he learned about it.

Later when the Governor called on ‘Chacha’ Nehru in Delhi, the ‘Chacha’ shouted on him angrily asking as to who authorised him to do that…he should have been consulted before and declared it a colossal stupidity !! Then ‘Chacha’ Nehru ordered PMO to black-out entire narrative of the milestone of success from official records. Chinese did not have even maps of Tawang at that time and they discovered only in 1954 that Tawang used to be administered by Tibet till 1914 which they invoke now as an alibi to claim Tawang. By that time, it was too late for Chinese to ‘liberate’ Tawang and for ‘Chacha’ Nehru, to impose his pacifist views !!

Nation had a First-Rate Sworn Enemy of Hindus / Bharata as our first Prime Minister.  And his dynasty and Party are so proud of him !!