Rohingya Muslims are being ethnically cleansed from Burma (Myanmar is not acceptable to me though it is now very rightly Mian-mara !!) by Buddhist monks.

I find very unusual facts associated with this historic development.

It is being accomplished by those who are known celebrities of Ahimsa !!! As a matter of fact, they have exactly understood real meaning of Ahimsa and practising it in the wholesome manner it is supposed to be. And we in Bharata, preach only half of Ahimsa and practise half-baked Ahimsa fully inviting congeries of miseries upon us. And we idolise and worship one “Ahimsa-Buffoon” preaching that very half-baked Ahimsa to us hitherto !!

Western Goras always projected Buddhism superior to Hinduism owing to their personal complexes and intellectual bankruptcy obliterating the fact that Buddhism is just a sect of Hinduism, that too, out of so many others like Sikhism / Jainism etc. Since their hearts and brains bleed for Muslim despots, they are in a state of rude shock after the Rohingya issue of Burma exploded on their face.

Now they are compelled to admire Hinduism to ensure, our country accepts Rohingya animals and worms as their abode, as a measure of human rights !! Human rights for carnivorous brutes who have been committing brutal crimes in Burma with Buddhist women and children all these years.

Divine justice is absolutely ruthless. It forces you to lick after you spit on someone. And nobody can escape from that. Future of Muslims / Islam is very very dark and bleak. Their 1400 years old evil Karma-s will not spare them under any circumstance. They should expect to be wiped out from the face of this Planet as a measure of divine justice sooner than later.