Abrogation of 35A in Jammu/Ladakh : People of Valley may realize their folly

Is the Central Govt through the courts trying to abrogate Article 35 A, which is the part of Article 370. It won’t be easy, although the SC has taken up the matter and has given six months for discussion.

The Valley centric parties along with the Congress are now getting together to oppose any such move. Both Abdullah as well as Mehbooba have already issued threats to the Govt. Although Art 35A is one of the biggest reasons for Investors keeping away from the State.

But none can deny the sentimental value of Art 35A particularly in valley. I think this is the opportune moment to strike and divide the Political parties in state into VALLEY CENTRIC and Jammu/Ladhak and Doda centric.

The Govt must also use this opportuntiy to mobilize masses in Jammu, Doda, Rajauri, Naushera and Ladakh region in favour of Abrogation of Article 35 A. This would take the wind out of Valley centric parties who always talk in the interest of Valley based separatist sentiments.

The courts must be apprised that what fault have the people of Jammu and Ladakh region done that they have to pay the price of isolation and be deprived of opportunities that can come through Investments.

If this article is abrogated in the Jammu/ Ladakh regions and kept intact in Valley, I am sure sooner or later the people of Valley will also demand its abrogation. Because when they see these areas growing they would realise their folly.