Finally, Chinese were forced to retreat in Doklam. Chinese road could not be constructed. For the first time, Chinese have been humbled publicly and on such a widely known platform. Bhutan is now much more assured of their security owing to our Army. They have already expressed their profound gratitude.

Entire credit goes to PM Modi. Today he is the tallest statesman in the world. Wish him 1000 years of healthy, active life ahead. Country just cannot do without him for decades to come.

Alongwith PM Modi and Bharatiya Sena, people in the country have also proved, they have “56” Ka Seena” !!

Campaign to boycott Chinese products has turned out to be so effective that Chinese mobile handset makers Oppo & Vivo have suffered heavy decline in sales, so much so that 400 Chinese expats working in these companies have been sent back to China. Sales dropped by 30% in July / August. Other Chinese brands too, have suffered heavily due to anti-China sentiments prevailing in the country.

China’s lifeline rests in our market. Economy is the best platform to arm-twist them into submission. If they don’t, Chinese shall starve because China is a very poor country in reality.

Who knows, it may be possible in future to wrest back Akshai Chin from illegal Chinese occupation through economic arm-twisting, without firing even a single bullet. And Tibet too, may be liberated through that Chanakya-Niti.

PM Modi can very well do that.