Show the NaMo Magic Wand to manage such a complex country

Modi Ka Jadu

Hon. Prime Minister,
NaMo Namaha.

I had never visualized that Doklam stalemate will lead to such a strange situation wherein Chinese started ranting like ‘our very own’ Arwind Kejariwal (now duly silenced, quite mystically !), Chinese soldiers started playing ‘Kabaddi’ with our Olive-Greened DareDevils, defeated even in that, then pelting stones upon them after retiring into their pavilions by the side of a beautiful lake, high in Himalayas !!! And our brave Generals / Commanders find themselves exceedingly puzzled – Hey, what’s going on here ??

Chinese soldiers pelting stones instead of firing bullets !! On Bharatiya Sena !! With this Mr. Prime Minister, I have decided to withdraw my claim of being highly imaginative by disposition but then, kindly show the NaMo Magic Wand with which you have been managing so impeccably, such a complex country to govern otherwise by anyone, to the country !! I guess, whole country is astounded by these turn of events.

I suggest, simultaneously with our Smart Cities Mission, Govt. must promote Smart Trees in a big way. Also known as City Trees, one unit of Smart Tree is equivalent to 275 fully-grown trees, occupying 99% less space with just 5% of the cost of raising a forest-cover entailing 275 trees. If used as advertising points, Smart Trees may generate handsome revenues too.

Country has a large number of Katha-Vachaks like Morari Bapu, Sri Sri, Rameshbhai Ojha etc. who may be engaged to neutralize nefarious activities of Love-Jehadis / Missionaries. Religious conversions must stop immediately as it is becoming a national menace till the time to ban it completely through Constitutional amendment arrives. Kindly hold a conference of all of them and advise them to openly speak against conversion menace in their discourses. They must highlight all positives of Hinduism from the angle of prevention of proselytization sponsored from abroad. As these Katha-Vachaks continuously travel all over the country and widely covered in electronic media, they shall be highly effective in this war against deceit and evil of ‘Soul-Destruction Through Conversions’.

Why can’t we ban Hizbul-CPM / Lashkar-e-CPI, that are deadlier anti-nationals ? I do not see any difference between Asia Andrabi and MamataB of AITC, nothing short of SIMI ? They are destroying Bengal, Keralam and must be stopped immediately if not at once no matter how much majority they command in respective Vidhan Sabhas.

Democracy cannot succeed unless blended with a pragmatic dose of authoritarianism, Mr. Prime Minister.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari