Rafiq Zakaria once wrote ; Hindus and Muslims have been living together for centuries but separately.

And this has happened because of People like Ansari, Owaisi, Muslim league leaders, Leaders like Togadia and offcourse the Congis supported by Lutyens Gang, who instilled fear and ghettoised the whole community.

The Govt thought that by injecting the word SECULARISM in the constitution and Sec 295A they would be able to maintain SECULARISM but because it was done with an aim to serve vested POLITICAL interests even that failed.

The way Secularism has been practiced here, it has neither empowered anyone nor it has brought Justice to anyone. ALL IT HAS DONE IS CREATED MILLIONS OF AGGRIEVED PEOPLE.

As I spent my childhood in a town where the muslims had sizeable presence I have witnessed Transistor being thrown when Indian team won the world cup in 1983, I have also witnessed many cheering for Pakistan team and also displaying Pakistani flags and have also witnessed people who keep separate cups at home to offer tea to their muslim friends, also witnessed people doubting the loyalty and integrity of muslims, also witnessed a Builder proudly announcing ; Sir, there is no muslim here. I am also a witness when in 60s and 70s elders used to instruct while travelling in train ; TO CLOSE THE WINDOWS AND DOORS OF THE TRAIN WHEN YOU PASS THROUGH ALIGARH RAILWAY STATION.

So, the concerns are manifolds on both sides and it becomes more complex when more and more Muslims are caught joining ISIS, Indian Mujahideen, carrying out Bomb attacks and when you listen to news like ; No food being served to students of other community at AMU during RAMZAN, forcible conversions and most importantly when you hear different perceptions of history and witness attempts being made to Correct Historical wrongs . The list of concerns can go on and on.

This skewed perception of Secularism is not going to work and to say that everything is hunky dory at the grass roots level and this division is a Political handiwork is also grossly wrong.

Unless Muslims and Hindus do not empathise with each others apprehensions, fears, concerns we will continue to have Politicians who despite India doing well will continue to see DARK CLOUDS, INTOLERANCE and will continue to ghettoise their communities and We will continue to have Politicians who would look at everything from the prism of Religion.

What Shias have done for Ayodhya temple and Maulanas at Mumbai, by issuing a Fatwa against Hafiz Sayeed needs to be appreciated. The Hindus also being a majority community must show large heartedness and not rake up stupid issues like TAJMAHAL KE NICHE SHIVJI KA MANDIR THA or ABKI BAR AYODHYA AGLI BAAR MATHURA.