Satya, Siddhanta And Congress : Oxymoron Of The Decade!

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

Killer instincts that BJP revealed in Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections are highly commendable. Party has grown fangs, claws and teeth to fight out traitors from portals of power under your leadership, happens to be a remarkable development. Congis are badly mauled and injured, licking their wounds.

Now that classical “Hindu-Passivity” has been thrown out of window, I visualize a very different scenario to reckon with in months and years to come. Predicament of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty is turning mind-boggling with skeletons after skeletons popping out of their cupboards as days pass by.

Kindly ensure, they have no face to stand with before the electorate for LS2019 under any circumstance. Congress-Mukta Bharata is very much achievable now. “Satya / Siddhanta And Congress” declared by them in Gandhinagar, is an Oxymoron Of The Decade !!

Well Mr. Prime Minister, why not constitute entire Rajya Sabha on the lines of NITI Ayoga ? Let the Upper House be housed by country’s top-notch talent  completely divorced from party-politics, provide invaluable inputs to the Government that will soon be encountering very tough challenges like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic warfare, highly-informed / highly-capable citizens… then even political resolutions shall be passed absolutely on professional grounds without any furore or ugly scenes in the well. Lower House i.e. Lok Sabha is enough for thorough-bred politicians while let the Upper House be a House of Talent & Wisdom.

Cold war of nerves, cold-roasting diminutive Chinky soldiers in Doklam is now an interesting game. It has soothed so many oppressed nerves in the country reeling under the humiliation of Debacle 1962. Chinese have started talking about like Pakistanis. We must open a front in Akshai Chin to re-capture our lost territory should they fire even a single bullet in Doklam.

I am baffled by the fact that Dalai Lama is not at all keen for Tibetan independence. He wants Article 370 for Tibet within China !!

There is a Samskrit newspaper published from Mysuru with the name Sudharma and they (Ph. 0821-2442835) have been struggling for survival. Now it has been reduced to a single page paper owing to financial crunch. The paper was launched in 1970 and they are determined to survive being the only Samskrit newspaper in the country. I would appeal to you to provide support to the paper so that they are able to stand up again as it is the only Samskrit daily in the country.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari