Whatever It Takes To Assert Ourselves Must Be Done

Yet another town’s name is being changed and yet again as expected few are opposing it and yet again the grounds of opposition are same ;

What is their in name?
The Govt by doing this is only diverting the attention of people from its failures.
Every Historical wrong can not be corrected.
This is RSS Agenda.
This is an attempt to polarise the society
Etc etc.
Most of us since our young days have been hearing this PRAVACHAN from the English speaking elites and I would call them as Lutyens’ Delhi Gang who reside in Metros.

Not that this is the first time that a City’s name is being changed . Bombay became Mumbai, Madras became Chennai, Calcutta became Kolkotta and Bangalore became Bangeluru on popular demand of the people.

So, what does this imply.

It means only one thing and that is ; If the change involves Muslims then there will be an opposition by these Lutyens’ Delhi gang.

All these above arguments are not invalid and are not irrationale. It does make a sense that By changing the names one can not change the history.

However, there is another perspective which also needs to be understood and respected.

It is often intriguing that even after 70 years despite having so many communal riots since early 1900s, despite the partition, we are still living with this threat of riots. Despite Pundits been driven out of Valley, without a whiff of violence by rest of Hindus, The Hindus are still being asked to prove their secular credentials by the same Maulanas who do not allow Pundits to come back to their homes.

Then ostensibly many have the right to question the wisdom of Bapu and Nehru.

When Pakistan was created on the popular demand of Muslims( because Muslim league emerged as the second largest party after wining majority Muslim votes and almost 1/3rd of India in the 1945/46 Provincial elections), it was quite obvious as Dr Ambedkar said in his Book written in 1943 THOUGHTS ON PAKISTAN ; Let Muslims create their own Pakistan as per their desires and we create ours and manage our Nation as per our Values.
The creation of Modern India entity was as much the result of a major act of Political mobilisation and galvanisation of forces by the then middle class that CAPITALISED on a Common historical experience, on a certain Common Cultural Inheritance and that skilfully utilised the fact of a Common enemy to create a sense of Common cultural Identity. So in that sense the Leaders of pre independence era without any burden of SECULARISM could mobilise and inspire masses by singing ;

And, As a result many of our gallant young men marched up to the gallows proudly singing VANDE MATRAM and millions walked behind Bapu to Dandi hundreds of kms to break the Salt law, singing RAGHU PATI RAGHAV RAJA RAM….

But what did these Lutyens’ Delhi gang do ; sadly, the moment we got freedom we shunned all this and called it Hindu chauvinism/ Hindu fundamentalism. They created a situation that even to talk about and to propagate the elements which once inspired the millions and united us to fight the common enemy is now being looked down upon. I will certainly not be surprised that If Bapu comes back and sings this Bhajan now He would be branded a Hindu fundamentalist by the same Congress that he led and the Lutyens’ Delhi gang.

Secondly, Instead of erasing from our memory the dark era of slavery they Glorified the rulers who enslaved us and those who fought against them were being depicted as a symbol of chauvinism. We were repeatedly told that afterall they could rule because they adapted themselves with us. However many would say its a slavish mentality.

Three, Just a few years after independence a British dignitary while going through the alleys of Rashtrapati Bhawan noticed that the Portraits of various British kings and queen were still hanging remarked ; I Thought that they would have been removed by now.
Dr Rajendra Prasad, the then President quickly responded; HOW DOES IT MATTER, WOULD IT CHANGE THE HISTORY OF INDIA.
Many would appreciate this because the historical facts can not be hidden. But there are many who would not have liked this. Probably, many would have started afresh and would have at the first instance removed those portraits. Probably, Rajendra Prasad, said this to hide his embarrassment as he had never noticed its importance .

Lets try to understand this.

How do we motivate an Indian Soldier in the units ? Do we not take them to motivation hall where we have the Battle Honours that the unit has earned are displayed, Do we tell them ; Fight like Aurangzeb and Babur or we tell them How bravely Rana Pratap fought, and how courageously Birsa Munda and Babu Kunwar Singh fought against Brits and how shrewd was Shivaji the great and how audacious was Baba Deep Singh when he fought against the invaders.

Obviously history does matter.

Lets take another example ; What does a foreigner who visits India feel when he goes around prominent historical landmarks?. Ostensibly he would ask ; What have the majority natives done ? Won’t they feel that the natives just had made some rock shelters and carvings where as Muslims gave them Qutub minar, Taj mahal, Red fort, Fatehpur sikri. Unfortunately there won’t be anyone to tell the foreigners that Muslims came as invaders and destroyed Taxila and Nalanda Universities that were spread over hundreds of acres and looted and razed to ground the magnificent Vijaynagar empire and Somanath Temple.

So, the history does matter.

I would further like to quote here a statement of Mohd Ali of Muslim League which he gave in some 1942, to vindicate my point ;

Many centuries of Muslim rule in India had given the Hindus an immense power of adaptability to varying Political conditions. So, they readily availed themselves of the facilities for higher education and material progress which British rule brought within their reach because they were not burdened like the muslims with a PRIDE OF RACE AND POWERFUL TRADITIONS OF EMPIRE……………………………………WHEN THE HINDUS LOOK BACK FOR INSPIRATION THE ORACLES OF PAST ARE DUMB BUT BEFORE THEM LAY A BOUNDLESS SEA OF HOPE………………

So, when for Luteyns’ Delhi gang, History does not matter, there are many for whom it does make a difference and they certainly desire to Correct the history where it is possible.

Four, Rafiq Zakaria in his Book ; Sardar Patel and Muslims, said ; Some muslims in Hyderabad celebrated the flight of Laik Ali, the last PM of Nizam. Refering to the celebrations Sardar said “ I naturally begin to doubt whether Muslims here feel that their future lies in India” However, he warned the Hindus that it was none of their business to deal with disloyal muslims , the arm of the Govt is strong enough to take care of them.

Did this arm over a period of time got weakened and Now, when it is being strengthened there is some restlessness being felt some where.

Five, On the issue of religion Bapu once remarked that
“ I would like to keep the windows of my room wide open thus allowing breeze from all directions to flow through my room. But I would not like to be Blown off my feet.

Isn’t this Modiji doing by saying SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS but at the same time going and praying at Varanasi Ghat and Shiva Temple.
Then, why the ruckus or we have got used to being blown off the feet.
We are witness as to How Those who ruled over India for almost 70 years, Have
made Secularism a mere joke,
And How they changed the concept of SANATHAN DHARMA (THAT WE ARE ONE FAMILY) into a politics of Appeasement,

Their approach made India a weak, meek and a spineless nation, in these 70 years. And the following would vindicate my point ;

One, Stephen Cohen in his book, Emerging Power: India says, “No other country has ever engaged in as lengthy wide ranging and intensive discussions as India did before it crossed various nuclear thresholds. This was when its neighbor with whom it had fought a war had become nuclear in 1967. Probably, under the influence of the moral precepts the Indian establishment does not possess the expertise to deal with such concepts as limited nuclear war or deterrence.

Two, We Indians as a result of compromises that we made, seem to have no strategy to deal with our inimical neighbors, and to project India as a power. We therefore live from crisis to crisis; sometimes China fingers us and sometimes Pakistan, as highlighted by Pak’s ability to wage unconventional war against India with impunity for such a long time. We are Even unable to truly exercise power and influence the behavior of our neighbors, which are being used for anti India activities by China and Pakistan. We are being pushed in from all sides.

The reason is not difficult to find ;

There is no other Nation in the history of human civilization which has been taken by surprise by its adversaries so often & with such remarkable regularity. We were taken by surprise in 1947 by the tribals from Pakistan & lost half of Kashmir, thereafter the Chinese surprised us in 1962 & took away Aksai Chin. In 1965, the Pakis once again surprised us, In 1989-90 we were surprised by the uprising in Kashmir and then started the long saga of surprises; the Kargil intrusion, highjack, bomb explosions and fidayeens. This is not ancient or medieval history but recent history.

And why has it happened, is once again explained by Stephen Cohen. He writes ;
Probably, as India attained freedom through peaceful means, few Indian leaders had the vision and experience like the British with the application of Force and its relationship to statecraft and diplomacy. Those who had the vision and took interest in military matters were politically marginalized (India Emerging Power).

A Noted Strategist and a Def Analyst Brahma Chellany once wrote ; The terrorists have already carried out daring assaults against military camps, our major religious centers and national emblems of power viz., Parliament and the Red Fort,………………………..Once a Nation lowers its Self-esteem in its own eyes, it opens the path to continuing compromises on National interests.
The India remains so little known to English speaking Indians and the Lutyens’ Delhi gang that they borrow ideas from elsewhere and look up to heroes from elsewhere Che Guevara is one of them. I noticed many JNU Students wearing Che Guevara T Shirts.
The same gang while praising India for its greatness often inorder to discourage us from asserting ourselves boast that ; India has never conquered territories but the influence of its culture has spread far and wide to distant lands. They little realise that only an economically developed and militarily powerful country can sell its culture, a weak nation can not. (The Clash of Civilisations By Samuel Huntington). Ashoka, the Great sold Buddhism to the World when he became the Emperor after the Battle of Kalinga and the Cholas could spread Indian culture to South East Asian nations because they were powerful Kings, and had strong navy.

It reminds me of what Arun Shourie said in his Book ; THE SECULAR AGENDA.

When No Values Are Taught, When Every Notion Every Idea That Flowed From And Testified To That Oneness Is Pooh Poohed And Every Group And Every Notion Which Undermines That Oneness Is Lionised , When Ramayana, Mahabharat, Chanakya And Legends Of Shivaji And Rana Pratap Are Looked Down Upon As Revanchist It Is No Surprise That Viewers Flock To Gape At Santa Barbara And The Bay Watch.

Lastly, the time has now come to finally synergise all that we have. We need to project national power through an integrated approach, which utilises the military, economic, cultural, social, political & technology levers.
It is only when we become powerful that the world would listen to us and we would be able to spread our values, our culture to far off areas as the Cholas and Emperor Ashok did. Can we not work together to become innovative, discover and invent new horizons and technologies, develop innovative methods of improving governance rather than singing all the time the old song of SECULARISM and finding ways to damage the reputation of people who have the passion to make India a powerful nation.

The Lutyens’ Delhi gang had almost 70 years to achieve the same, But they failed. Hope this current dispensation does it.
So, whatever it takes to assert ourselves must be done.