Govt armed with Data courtesy DEMONETISATION and hammer courtesy BENAMI PROPERTY ACT

Isn’t it surprising that none of the BJP members have Benami property and black money? Are they all so honest?

Obviously, I do not think so.

But, Thats a different issue that I am loving these IT/ED raids because Cong and its stooges had for far too long misused these agencies for their own vested political reasons.

Unfortunately, they were always ill prepared and so they could not take issues to the logical conclusion.

But this Govt armed with Data courtesy DEMONETISATION and the hammer courtesy BENAMI PROPERTY ACT is not likely to let these guys go free, easily.

So, when Cong allowed people to slip away because of the lack of evidence, the current Govt would ensure that the scores are fully settled, nice and proper.

One can complain for being biased, But then Indian Politics has always been like that right from Indira Gandhi’s time. Can any one return those gone years of Col Purohit, DGP Vanzara, and others.

Can any one compensate for the traumatic experience of Col Purohit’s family when he was falsely implicated and shoved into jail.