Open Letter to PM is a Hogwash and Politically motivated

Recently came across an open letter written by few veterans, some hundred of them to the PM bringing out following issues ;

One, Dissent is not treason.

Two, India is a diverse country and its diversity is the essence of our democracy.

Three, In the letter, the veterans said they stand with the ‘Not in My Name’ campaign and. They added that the current situation in the country is that of fear, intimidation, hate and suspicion. They further said, “what is happening in our country today strikes at all that the Armed Forces, and indeed our Constitution, stand for.
Four , They said, there is a clamp down on Free speech, attack on media outlets, scholars and in universities.

This was undoubtedly music to the AWARD WAAPSI gang and the Lutyens’ Delhi, which is these days reeling under shock and dismay.
I read the letter twice and sadly, I found that their concern is biased, lacks genuineness and honesty. It, rather, smacked of hypocrisy, double standards and politics.

As a result, I have some serious observations on the motive of the letter. My observations are as follows ;

One, Yes, dissent is not treason But can Slogans like ; BHARAT TERE TUKRE HONGE HAZAAR is Dissent. Will you not question the motive of that girl who said ; PAKISTAN DID NOT KILL MY FATHER. If you call this as Dissent then I am sure many army Personnels will not be supporting You.

Two, What You have done through this letter can be called as DISSENT But the point is Have you been attacked? Have the media channels who discussed your letter been attacked? If they have not been then your whole argument that ; There is no place for dissent falls flat.

Three, As regards Cultural diversity, even a child knows that India is a culturally diverse country and you have not brought out anything new. The problem arises when in the name of cultural and religious diversity People sow seeds of division for electoral benefits and encourage separatist tendencies. At the same time In the guise of supporting secularists many of you often pooh-poohs every notion that flows from and testifies to our oneness and on the other hand eulogise every group, every notion, which under mines that oneness. Notice for instance the controversies which were kicked up over the telecasting of Ramayana, Chanakaya and Krishna, and these controversies were kicked up by the columnists and not by common masses.( Arun Shourie ; The Secular Agenda).

Four, Your argument that media men are being attacked, scholars being attacked and there is a clamp down on freedom of Speech. I would sincerely request you to furnish the names of those who have been attacked. As far as i know recently Cong goons attacked Republic TV reporters and a few days back Laloo’s men attacked some reporters and Owaisi’s men gagged Taslima Nasreen. It would be nice to hear your side of story too.

Five, Now that You have agreed that you support the NOT IN MY NAME campaign and obviously stand by AWARD WAPSI GANG as well as INTOLERANT Gang, May we know that Were they ever stopped from carrying out their campaign or were they beaten black and Blue by the Police serving the Intolerant Indian Govt. If the answer is No, then Sir, Your whole argument is baseless.

Sir, I am taking this opportunity to remind you that ; When Gen Thimmaiya and Fd Marshal Sam showed dissent they had Nation’s interest in mind.

But I am sorry, I find your letter absolutely politically motivated and I will not be surprised if this issue is probed further, one may find that some of you might have been associated with Organisations who are Pathologically opposed to the Current PM.

Lastly Sir, I am also entitled to show DISSENT and Oppose your views, unfortunately many of those scholars and mediamen whom you support are not used to accepting DISSENT and thats the ROOT cause of the Problem.