Mr PM, Be ready to develop constructive Opposition for healthy dynamism of our Democracy!

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

J&K operations appear to be on the right track. Yet, I am a bit nostalgic about Lt. Generals K. Sundarji, KS Brar and RS Dayal who would have carried out an Operation Saffron-Star in the strife torn State wherein 15% population of fanatic separatists dwelling in 5 districts are holding entire State to ransom bankrolled by a terrorist country on our western border.

With news of Chinese fishing in troubled waters of the State which out and out belongs to Hindus alone being Shiva’s abode Purana-historically, Operation Saffron-Star is all the more necessary to put an end to the migraine, chronic by 70 years and now throbbing with excruciating pain. Since they love blood-bath so excessively, do not wish to join any mainstream be that Bharatiya / Pakistani / Chinese, they should be gifted lots of that with their own blood by our Bharatiya Sena.

If possible, kindly include the anti-national MP from Shrinagar too, for Bharatiya Sena’s target practice !! “Paap Ka Ghada” that despotic Babur brought into the country, has been spilling over with heinous sins and it must now be exploded for all to behold. Enough is enough now.

What saddens and amazes me is the fact that the Constitutional process of federal integration / unification of princely states initiated by Sardar Patel in 1947 is still incomplete and still going on in one form or the other !! We all know who all are responsible for the unfortunate happenings since then.

If Chinese have the audacity blended with temerity to extend a brazen offer of mediation in J&K, kindly extend your loving hands to mediate between Dalai Lama and the Chinese for liberation of Tibet. The country of innocent, peace loving, defenceless Buddhists that Tibet happens to be, must be declared and recognized as a sovereign country by us as soon as possible. We must start questioning annexation of Tibet by the expansionist, despotic regime of China with immediate effect to bring in some deterrence for them.

Victory of Shri Kovind as next President and resignation of the wealthiest ‘Dalit’ politician from Rajya Sabha signifies demise of Dalit Vote-Bank and Dalit politics conducted by a handful of so-called Dalit leaders. Gates have been opened widest possible for the so-called Dalits to join nation’s mainstream and it marks a historic turning point in nation’s politics. It has added a new dimension by having Congress-Mukta Rashtrapati Bhavan after Congress-Mukta South Block !! I congratulate you for your decision though I had wished Sangha Pramukh to be the next President as a measure of abundant honour for the national institution that RSS happen to be. Anyway, that honour can very well wait for the right moment in future.

Nation is safe in your hands and it is a source of tremendous satisfaction / fearlessness for me and millions in the country. The way your popularity is rising, the way Congress have been losing their dynastic narrative bit by bit and chipping away, soon you may have to shoulder a very strange responsibility – responsibility of developing a constructive Opposition to ensure healthy dynamism of our democracy !!! Be ready for that Mr. Prime Minister.

How long and how many times over, shall we be forced to tolerate and survive with people like Naresh Agrawal, Mr. Prime Minister ??

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari