Veda-s accord supreme importance to leadership qualities. Requirements of a leader as defined in Veda-s are so elaborate and comprehensive that it may well be called the ultimate treatise on leadership management. These were defined by our Rsi-s / Muni-s and Maharsi-s thousands of years back !! And bodies like Harward / Kellogg… Business Schools have been teaching leadership qualities as if these were discovered by their snooty professors !! They claim to be leader of leaders !!

We shall enumerate those mandates of leadership qualities as envisaged in Vedic  wisdom –

Leadership is to be bestowed upon someone who deserves in an appropriate manner.

(Vaj Sam  x-4)

One shall offer good leadership. (Tai Sam  ii-6-12)

Leader must be famous for great deeds. (RgV Sam  Vi-32-3)

He possesses several glories. (Ran Sam  i-5-2-3-4, RgV Sam  ix-94-4)

He excels. He is successful through his aura and wise through his mental faculties.

( RgV Sam -12-1)

Vedic  leadership traits may be classified as under –

Efficiency Traits

Emotional Traits

Ethical Traits

We shall now elaborate these traits one by one.

Efficiency Trait – Courage

He is strong and tames even the fierce. (RgV Sam  ii-23-11)

He is the bold hero who drives the arrogant away. (RgV Sam  ii-26-2)

He helps others in overcoming encounters. (RgV Sam  ii-40-5)

He destroys the counsel of the niggard. (RgV Sam  iii-58-2)

He combats and accomplishes that is yet undone. (RgV Sam  iv-18-2)

He is strong and mighty. (RgV Sam  vi-18-4)

He is the shaker of firm things. (RgV Sam  vi-18-5)

He is a valiant hero. (RgV Sam  viii-24-27)

He is steadfast, does not bend to the strong or to the bold. (RgV Sam  vi-24-8)

He stands up erect to assist others. (RgV Sam  vi-24-9)

He makes firm all that is weak in subordinates. (RgV Sam  vi-46-6)

He passes lightly over distress. (RgV Sam  viii-43-30)

He stands apart and is peerless. (RgV Sam  viii-51-2)

He wins even with a steed of worthless sort. (RgV Sam  viii-51-3)

All mighty deeds rest with him. (RgV Sam  viii-52-6)

He is mighty and impetuous. (RgV Sam  viii-65-5)

He is bold. (Vaj Sam  i-17)

He overcomes all obstacles. (Tai Sam  iv-1-7)

The leader repels foe who is superior, surpasses him who is like and the inferior who does not equal him. (Tai Sam  ii-4-2)

He leads others to victory. (Tai Sam  i-7-5)

He leads one to the path from the trackless way. (Tai Sam  ii-2-2)

Even with the weak, he does the unrivalled accomplishments : with a goat he kills a lion, he challenges pillar with a needle. (RgV Sam  vii-18-17)

He arouses courage. His deeds and means are pure. (RgV Sam  ix-35-4)

He is mightier than the strongest and valiant. (RgV Sam  ix-66-17)

He slays the unrighteous and pervert. (RgV Sam  x-27-1)

One fears him as the mightiest. (RgV Sam  x-92-8)

He is foe-less and free. (RgV Sam  x-92-14)

He is unperturbed. (RgV Sam  x-6-3)

He slays the wicked. (Vaj Sam  xxvi-10)

He is a warrior, strong in truth. (RgV Sam  x-112-10)

He tactfully handles all encounters. He is full of vigour. (RgV Sam  viii-86-10)

He is a wondrous hero. (RgV Sam  viii-86-15)

He has heroic and winning strength. (RgV Sam  x-47-4)

He is firm and steady. (AtV Sam  vi-87-1)

He is subdues enemies. (Mah Upa  i-42)

He is firm and steadfast. (Vaj Sam  ix-22)

He drives away even the mighty. (Ran Sam  i-3-1-1-7)

He is strong by splendour. (Ran Sam  i-5-2-5-4)

Efficiency Trait – Vigour

He is endowed with vigorous energy. (RgV Sam  vi-24-4)

He shows his vigour. (RgV Sam  iv-29-3)

He is the motivator with ceaseless strength. (RgV Sam  viii-88-7)

He bestows a joyful mind and energy upon others. (RgV Sam  x-25-1)

He knows the truth and is never idle. He wins and donates wealth desired by many.

(RgV Sam  x-55-6)

He never slumbers. (RgV Sam  x-63-4)

He is steadfast. (RgV Sam  x-173-4)

He is great, energetic and mighty. (RgV Sam  vi-32-1)

He is firm and does not totter. (Vaj Sam  i-9)

He is most active. (Ran Sam  i-6-1-2-12)

Efficiency Trait – Listening

He is swift to hear calls of his followers. (RgV Sam  iv-1-5)

He lends ear and listens to other’s calls quickly. (RgV Sam  iv-9-7, RgV Sam  v-54-14)

He hears the words of his subordinates. (RgV Sam  vii-23-1)

He listens to the calls of others. (Vaj Sam  iii-26)

Efficiency Trait – Motivation

He stirs people to labour. (RgV Sam  iii-59-1)

He is stirrer of thoughts. (RgV Sam  viii-46-19)

He stimulates. (Tai Sam  i-1-6)

He makes others better than what they are. (RgV Sam  ix-4-1)

He inspires thoughts of others. (RgV Sam  x-139-5)

Efficiency Trait – Power

He comes with power. (Vaj Sam  xxvii-14)

He has power which none can bend. (RgV Sam  iii-62-5)

He is firm. (Tai Sam  i-1-7)

He is not assailable and cannot be overpowered. (Tai Sam  iv-1-7)

He is a powerful hero. (Vaj Sam  vii-39)

He shares his powers, benevolence and abundant strength. (RgV Sam  i-17-4)

He has providence and power. (RgV Sam  ii-29-2)

He avoids destructive powers. (RgV Sam  viii-24-24)

All are his power. (Ran Sam  i-2-1-4-2)

Efficiency Trait – Wisdom

He sharpens thoughts of his subordinates like an iron-blade. (RgV Sam  vi-47-10)

He is full of wisdom. (RgV Sam  vi-71-1)

He gives wisdom to others and guides them. (RgV Sam  vii-32-26)

He is brilliant. (Tai Sam  i-1-10)

He attends great assemblies. (RgV Sam  ix-92-6)

He is a path-maker with thousand ways and roars on thousand paths.

(RgV Sam  ix-106-5, RgV Sam  ix-106-6)

He is a thinker who is true to order. (RgV Sam  x-2-2)

He brings profit to others through his wisdom. (RgV Sam  x-44-4)

He is the bridge and the sage. (RgV Sam  x-61-16)

He is wise. (RgV Sam  x-89-8)

He is knowledgeable. (RgV Sam  x-91-8)

He is a sage with insight. (RgV Sam  x-91-3)

He foreknows well. (RgV Sam  x-91-4)

He is pre-eminent for wisdom. (Vaj Sam  xix-52)

He is regarded for his skills. (RgV Sam  x-92-10)

He is the greatest sage and nothing is done even remotely without him.

(RgV Sam  x-112-9)

He is the lord of intellect. (Mah Upa  xlii-2)

He dispels darkness and releases from the bondage of ignorance. (Mah Upa  lxxiii-1)

He kindles and wakes up men to knowledge. (Vaj Sam  xxvii-2)

He is the brilliance. (Vaj Sam  x-15)

He dispels darkness. (Ran Sam  i-4-1-3-7)

He knows how to avoid destructive powers. (Ran Sam  i-5-1-16)

He holds all knowledge. (Ran Sam  i-1-2-5-4)

Efficiency Trait – Law Abiding

He is legitimately born and protector of law. (RgV Sam  vii-20-6)

He strengthens law. (RgV Sam  vii-66-13)

He is true to law. (RgV Sam  viii-23-9)

He is faithful to law. (RgV Sam  viii-65-12)

His laws stand firm. (RgV Sam  viii-86-11)

He ordains laws like a Steer. (RgV Sam  ix-64-1)

He is born in law and he waxes mighty by it. (RgV Sam  ix-108-8)

He is a great consolidator of law. (RgV Sam  x-65-3)

His laws shine high. (RgV Sam  x-65-5)

He is the consolidator of laws. (RgV Sam  x-65-7)

He enforces righteous laws throughout the land. (RgV Sam  x-65-11)

He is true to eternal laws. (RgV Sam  x-66-6)

He is deep skilled in laws. (Vaj Sam  ix-18)

He obeys the order and is liberated from falsehood. (RgV Sam  x-66-8)

He treads along the path of laws with success. (RgV Sam  x-66-13)

He honours the law. (RgV Sam  x-67-2)

He leads beyond pain and grief on lawful paths. (RgV Sam  x-133-6)

His law is constant. (RgV Sam  x-139-3)

He always obeys his laws. (RgV Sam  x-149-3)

He is sustainer of laws. (Vaj Sam  x-27)

He is mighty law. (Vaj Sam  x-24)

He ordains laws. (Ran Sam  i-6-1-2-8)

He stands secure by laws. (RgV Sam  x-85-1)

Efficiency Trait – Control

He controls men. (RgV Sam  vi-19-1)

He is controller of work. (RgV Sam  vi-67-3)

He is the controller of various paths. (RgV Sam  vii-18-16)

He is most liberal who controls others. (RgV Sam  viii-16-1)

He brings intellect and controls all treasures. (RgV Sam  x-30-12)

He is the chief controller of thoughts. (RgV Sam  x-91-8)

He is the leader, director and minister. (RgV Sam  x-91-10)

He is a mighty governor. (RgV Sam  x-152-1)

He controls men. (Vaj Sam  vii-39)

He controls chariot and reins in noble horses. (Vaj Sam  x-22)

He is the controller. (Ran Sam  i-4-1-4-6)

He corrects faults and failures of others. (RgV Sam  x-2-4)

Efficiency Trait – Excellence

His deeds are excellent for evermore. (RgV Sam  viii-15-10)

He is refulgent. (RgV Sam  viii-44-4)

He fails not when marching forward. (Ran Sam  i-5-1-2-7)

His excellence guides followers. (RgV Sam  vi-48-20)

He has excellent designs. (RgV Sam  iii-13-5)

He is excellent by thoughts. (RgV Sam  iii-27-9)

He is excellent, noble and bright. (RgV Sam  iii-27-10)

He possesses excellent glory and stimulates others. (RgV Sam  iii-62-10)

He is excellently wise. (RgV Sam  i-41-1)

He excels in majesty and vigour. (RgV Sam  i-164-25)

He is most excellent with his tools of achievement of target.

(RgV Sam  i-8-1, RgV Sam  i-16-7, RgV Sam  ii-24-8)

Efficiency Trait – Responsiveness

People call him for succour and assistance. (RgV Sam  viii-57-5)

He is called by men from all the four directions and he responds instantly.

(RgV Sam  viii-54-1)

He comes speedily and immediately. (RgV Sam  viii-22-10, RgV Sam  viii-69-10)

He runs forward to win great strength. (RgV Sam  ix-110-1)

He is the one who quickens. (RgV Sam  x-42-3)

He acts very swiftly. (RgV Sam  x-76-5)

He is prompt. (RgV Sam  x-93-8)

He is active. (RgV Sam  viii-81-15)

He immediately responds to the calls of others. (Ran Sam  i-1-2-5-4)

He is swift and firm to act. (Ran Sam  i-3-1-1-7)

Efficiency Trait – Workmanship

He is most deft of workmen. (RgV Sam  x-53-9)

His work deserves the wonder of men. (RgV Sam  viii-57-3 Valakhilya)

He is a good worker. (Tai Sam  i-6-6)

Efficiency Trait – Orientation To Act

He accomplishes mighty acts. (RgV Sam  x-112-8)

He ushers in several deeds to their completion. (RgV Sam  x-120-7)

He is the doer of many glorious deeds. (Vaj Sam  x-28)

He is most active. (Ran Sam  i-5-1-2-7)

Efficiency Trait – Communication

He is a skillful speaker. (Ran Sam  i-6-1-5-11)

He roars like a lion in assembly. (Ran Sam  x-67-9)

Emotional Trait – Compassion

He is lordly in his act. (RgV Sam  vii-79-2)

He frees others from tribulations. (Tai Sam  ii-4-2)

He helps, works for others and makes them wealthier. (RgV Sam  viii-80-4)

He is kind. (RgV Sam  x-15-11)

He is compassionate towards those who are physically challenged. (RgV Sam  x-39-3)

He aids even the humble. (RgV Sam  x-67-11)

He helps as a man to his wife. (RgV Sam  x-149-4)

He is most kind hearted. (RgV Sam  i-174-10)

He does not punish when men violate laws through lack of thought. (RgV Sam  vii-89-5)

He is easy to approach just like a father to his son. (Vaj Sam  iii-24)

He is a kind deliverer and gracious friend. (Vaj Sam  iii-25)

He is very kind and gracious. (Vaj Sam  x-28)

He is a comforter. (Ran Sam  i-3-2-1-5)

He is benevolent. (Ran Sam  i-6-1-2-12, Vaj Sam  xxvi-23)

He is kind and bounteous. (Vaj Sam  xxviii-38)

He comforts others. (Ran Sam  i-6-1-5-8)

He is accessible like a father to his son. (Tai Sam  i-5-6)

He never lets others weary. (RgV Sam  ii-29-4)

Emotional Trait – Cheer

He cheers others. (RgV Sam  ix-67-2)

He is ever young. (RgV Sam  viii-45-3)

Emotional Trait – Friendliness

He is a wealthy and liberal ally. (RgV Sam  ii-23-10)

He acts to the advantage of his followers. (RgV Sam  iii-54-3)

He has a glorious fame. (RgV Sam  iii-45-5)

He is rich in friends. (RgV Sam  iv-4-15)

He is a friend with friends and sage among sages. (RgV Sam  vi-32-4)

He concedes enough room to his subordinates. (RgV Sam  vi-20-5, RgV Sam  vi-23-7)

He is boundless and faithful. (RgV Sam  vi-22-7)

He guards treasure of his subordinates. (RgV Sam  vi-36-5)

He is a friend to aid, close to others for bliss. (RgV Sam  viii-13-3)

He takes delight in being liberal. (RgV Sam  viii-19-29)

He is like a friend to those who are law-abiding. (RgV Sam  viii-23-8)

He is a friend. (RgV Sam  vii-9-3)

He is dear, wise and noble. (RgV Sam  vii-16-1)

He does not terrify others nor does he wound their hearts. (RgV Sam  viii-68-8)

He sets others free and breaks not from friendship. (RgV Sam  viii-75-4)

He is a friend sought after by friends and a friend for friends.

(RgV Sam  ix-66-1, RgV Sam  ix-66-4)

He is a sagacious viewer of mankind. (RgV Sam  ix-78-2)

He is friend of all. (RgV Sam  ix-67-1)

He is matchless and does not fail a friend. (RgV Sam  x-89-3)

He is worthy of choice and a trusted friend to one who loves him. (RgV Sam  x-91-1)

He provides freedom and total happiness. (RgV Sam  x-100-1)

Men find enjoyment with him. (RgV Sam  x-92-7)

As friend, he wins all living beings. (RgV Sam  x-142-2)

He is one’s friend and father. (Mah Upa  i-16)

He is a good friend. (Vaj Sam  ix-20)

His friendship with others is smooth. (RgV Sam  vi-48-18)

He is a friend who can be counted upon. (Ran Sam  i-4-1-4-5)

He is wondrous, ever waxing friend. (Tai Sam  iv-2-11)

Emotional Trait – Dignity

Dignity is his. (RgV Sam  x-62-4)

Ethical Traits – Guardianship

He provides full security. (RgV Sam  ii-41-12, RgV Sam  ii-28-10)

He is the guardian of people. (RgV Sam  iv-4-3)

He knows the way and guides others on the right path. (RgV Sam  v-46-1)

He leads with his trusty guidance. (RgV Sam  vi-45-1)

He is an excellent guardian who leads others to wealth with his careful guidance.

(RgV Sam  vi-47-7)

He guards others safely over every peril. (RgV Sam  vii-60-12)

He never aids and guides the wicked or deceiver. (RgV Sam  vii-104-13)

He extends others perfect security. (RgV Sam  viii-19-8)

He is protector of those who are firmly established. (Vaj Sam  viii-8)

He protects, provides shelter and defence like birds spreading their wings.

(RgV Sam  viii-47-3)

He guards others from each offence and fault. (RgV Sam  viii-47-8)

He provides three layered strong shelter, secure, auspicious and devoid of malady.

(RgV Sam  viii-47-10)

He leads men to pleasant ways. (RgV Sam  viii-47-11)

He extends forceful resistance to those who injure. (RgV Sam  viii-44-11)

He is wise and always watchful like a sage. (RgV Sam  viii-44-29)

He offers shelter like a mighty cloak. (RgV Sam  viii-79-6)

He bears like a boat over water. (RgV Sam  ix-70-10)

He grants others adequate security. (RgV Sam  ix-78-5, RgV Sam  ii-41-12)

He protects and guards with continuous care. (RgV Sam  x-7-7, RgV Sam  x-12-6)

He guards from all protective spirits. (Vaj Sam  xxxvii-12)

He guards laws of universe well. (RgV Sam  x-37-5)

He protects other’s space and freedom. (RgV Sam  x-42-11)

He is the director and provider. (RgV Sam  x-54-5)

He leads safely from pain and grief to joy. (RgV Sam  x-63-13)

He is auspicious and strong to guard. (RgV Sam  x-92-9)

He is mighty, guards others and imparts strengths. (RgV Sam  x-93-1)

He is the vigilant guard. (RgV Sam  x-108-7)

He is the infallible protector. (RgV Sam  x-128-6)

He shelters well fortifying thrice. (RgV Sam  x-142-1)

People approach him just like a ship for safety. (RgV Sam  x-178-2)

He steers men safely over troubles, drives away ill-feelings and provides peace and comfort.

(RgV Sam  x-182-1)

He guards with care and foresight. (RgV Sam  viii-81-15)

He is never negligent, guards with care. (RgV Sam  viii-52-7 Valakhilya)

He provides safety. (Mah Upa  i-42)

He grants welfare and eliminates evil. (Mah Upa  i-49)

He grants safety and success. (Mah Upa  i-52)

He steers across all perils like the captain of a ship. (Mah Upa  ii-1)

He protects from bondage and defects. (Vaj Sam  ii-20)

He is custodian of people. (Vaj Sam  xiii-11)

He is the health provider. (RgV Sam  i-92-18)

He strengthens welfare of people. (Vaj Sam  ix-25)

He is the strength who imparts strength to others. (Vaj Sam  x-25)

His strength is of the people. (Vaj Sam  x-28)

He manfully guards from all the quarters. (RgV Sam  vi-75-14)

He is secure. (Tai Sam  i-6-2)

He is the guardian of treasure. (RgV Sam  viii-88-8)

He rescues from all distress. (RgV Sam  i-106-2)

He protects his men from dishonour. (RgV Sam  iii-31-8)

Ethical Traits – Commitment

He swiftly attends his duties. (RgV Sam  v-47-2)

He does not neglect his regular duty. (RgV Sam  ii-38-1)

He is firm in his duty. (RgV Sam  x-80-1)

He is active in his duty. (RgV Sam  ix-14-2)

He is true to his duty. (RgV Sam  viii-13-19)

Ethical Traits – Nobility

He is noble. (RgV Sam  x-89-3)

He does great deeds spontaneously and to other’s advantage. (RgV Sam  iv-19-10)

He is the noblest. (RgV Sam  vi-67-1)

He is kind, loving and gracious. (RgV Sam  vi-74-4)

He is the best of all and gracious even when others offend the law. (RgV Sam  viii-48-9)

He is a sage who is venerable and cheerful. (RgV Sam  viii-49-3)

He rises above men. (RgV Sam  viii-49-16)

He is the noble winner and the chief of mighty deeds. (RgV Sam  viii-46-20)

He is graciously inclined towards others. (Vaj Sam  viii-4)

He is gentle in his thoughts. (RgV Sam  viii-68-7)

He is nobler than the noble. (RgV Sam  ix-97-3)

He is for greatness. (Vaj Sam  xix-8)

He is not wicked and waxes great. (RgV Sam  x-25-7)

He is bounteous and honourable among men. (RgV Sam  x-61-15)

He is full of splendour. (RgV Sam  x-91-15)

He is majestic. (RgV Sam  x-93-3)

He possesses noble might. (RgV Sam  x-100-6)

He is pure and he comes pure to others. (RgV Sam  viii-84-8 to viii-84-9)

He is the people’s life. (RgV Sam  viii-54-7 Valakhilya)

He does noblest work and impels others. (Vaj Sam  i-1)

He is pure and inspires one to do noble deeds. (Vaj Sam  i-13)

He is devoted to priesthood, nobility and kinsmen. (Vaj Sam  i-17)

He is supporter of the learned, statesman and guide on the path of duty of different classes.

(Vaj Sam  i-18)

He is propitious. (Vaj Sam  xii-17)

He is laudable. (Vaj Sam  ii-3)

He is full of grace and gracefully conducts others. (Vaj Sam  ii-19)

His speech is lofty. (Ran Sam  i-2-1-1-2)

He is a stalwart. (Ran Sam  i-4-2-4-1)

He deserves to be admired. (Ran Sam  i-4-2-5-7)

He is free from taint and blemish. (Ran Sam  i-5-2-1-6)

He is untainted. (Ran Sam  i-5-2-3-2)

He is a significant torchbearer of humanity. (Ran Sam  i-5-2-5-8)

He is provider of aid. (Tai Sam  i-7-13)

He is most adorable. (Tai Sam  i-5-10)

Ethical Traits – Righteousness

He is righteous. (Vaj Sam  xxvi-6)

He wrongs none. (RgV Sam  vi-44-4)

He discerns truth and right from untruth. (RgV Sam  x-124-5)

He is most auspicious. (Vaj Sam  xii-39)

He is a reformer of thoughts and wishes. (Vaj Sam  xxx-1)

He is honey-tongued. (RgV Sam  i-44-6)

He is for the good of all. (Vaj Sam xxxvii-10)

He is flawless. (Vaj Sam i-31)

Ethical Traits – Humility

He is humble. (RgV Sam  i-69-2)

Ethical Traits – Generosity

He is the most liberal provider. (RgV Sam  viii-77-6)

He brings splendid and bounteous treasure to assist those who toil. (RgV Sam  iv-2-13)

He drives away misfortune. (Vaj Sam  xix-38)

He wins wealth and shares that with others. Men in strife call on him for succour.

(RgV Sam   vii-21-7)

One cannot find limits of his generosity. (RgV Sam viii-46-11)

He makes others live joyously. (RgV Sam  viii-73-6)

He dissolves misfortune of others. (RgV Sam  ix-70-9)

He provides life and glory unto others. (RgV Sam  ix-94-4)

He allows others gain all opulence through him. (RgV Sam  ix-85-8)

He is the best benefactor of prosperity upon others. (RgV Sam  ix-106-6)

He brings in gifts in plenty. (RgV Sam  ix-108-13)

His strength attracts men. (RgV Sam  vii-48-1)

He generates wealth by fair means. (RgV Sam  vi-71-6)

He leads by fair path to riches. (Vaj Sam xl-16)

He concedes space to others. (RgV Sam viii-64-11)

Ethical Traits – Truthfulness

He speaks truth. (Tai Upa  i-11)

He speaks the right and truth. (Tai Sam  iv-7-2)

He smites untruth. (AtV Sam  viii-4-12)

Ethical Trait – Fairness

He grants others their share of undivided riches. (RgV Sam  x-112-10)

He punishes those who ill-treat others. (RgV Sam  iv-41-4)

Ethical Traits – Faithfulness

He is the faithful one and people are loyal to him. (RgV Sam  viii-54-7 Valakhilya)

He remains with his followers. (Mah Upa  77-1)

Ethical Traits – Sacrifice

He is an effectual sacrifice. (Ran Sam  i-1-2-2-7)

He is single-minded. (Ran Sam  i-5-2-3-2)

Disqualification of a Leader


A wicked man should not be leader. (RgV Sam  ii-23-10)


An evil-wisher should not master others. (Vaj Sam  xxix-47)


He shall not be unwise and niggardly. (Tai Sam  iv-1-7)

He shall never be niggardly in thought. (RgV Sam  vii-96-3)


If a weak man undertakes a burden of responsibility, he shatters into pieces.

(Tai Sam  vi-2-5)

One shall be free from weakness. A weak person is easily overpowered by his enemies.

(RgV Sam  x-98-3, RgV Sam  vi-46-6)

Election of a Leader

People elect their leader. (RgV Sam  x-124-8)

He is one who is elected by men. (RgV Sam  x-91-8)

The learned, assembled men elect their leader. (Vaj Sam  xxvii-3)

Note : That reveals, concept of election has been here since time-immemorial. It is certainly not a legacy bequeathed by the extortionist and exploitative colonial masters of the country.

In addition to the above, Veda-s also expound in detail on subjects like Subordinate- / Strategic- / Rival- / Communication- / Thought- / Charity- / Companionship- / Friendship- / Guest- / Social- / Justice- / Culture- / Change- / Situation- / Succession- / Education- / Training- / Judiciary- / Agriculture- / Political- / Fiscal- / Security- / Value Systems-Management.

Abbreviations –

Ait Brah – Aitareya Brahmana                   Ait Ara – Aitareya Aranyaka

AtV Sam – Atharva Veda Samhita            Brh Upa – Brhadaranyaka Upanisad

Cha Upa – Chandogya Upanisad              Isa Upa – Isavasya Upanisad

Jai Sam – Jaiminiya Samhita                     Kat Brah – Katha Brahmana

Kat Sam – Katha Samhita                         Kat Upa – Katha Upanisad

Kau Brah – Kausitaki Brahmana               Ken Upa – Kena Upanisad

KyV MaP – Krsna Yajur Veda Mantra Prasna

Mah Upa – Mahanarayana Upanisad        Mai Sam – Maitrayani Samhita

Man Upa – Mandukya Upanisad               Mun Upa – Mundaka Upanisad

Pan Brah – Pancavimsa Brahmana          Pra Upa – Prasna Upanisad

Ran Sam – Ranayaniya Samhita              RgV Sam – Rg Veda Samhita

Sat Brah – Satapatha Brahmana              Sve Upa – Svetasvatara Upanisad

Tai Ara – Taittiriya Aranyaka                     Tai Brah – Taittiriya Brahmana

Tai Kat – Taittiriya Kathaka                       Tai Sam – Taittiriya Samhita

Tai Upa – Taittiriya Upanisad                    Tan Brah – Tandya Brahmana

Val Sam – Vajasaneyi Madhyamdina Samhita

Acknowledgement Note :- Contents were compiled from various sources, mainly from Vedic Management by Dr. S. Kannan, published by Taxmann’s. Owing to significance of the subject and consistent efforts to deride and diminish Vedic  wisdom, author decided to present it in this form for the benefit of all without being a Vedic  scholar himself.