Non-vegetarianism is felony

Secular-Libertarians, a new species recently discovered by anthropologists, repeatedly howl and yell, Government do not enjoy any privilege to decide food / eating habits of country’s citizens.

As before, as usual, they are all absolutely wrong.

If citizens of the country fall sick, it is responsibility of the Government to provide best possible medical treatment, free medicines, free hospitalisation, free medical insurance…and all that bla bla.
Union health budget, funded by tax-payer’s money is immediately driven into the scenario to foot their medical bills.

It is a proven fact, non-vegetarianism leads to a plethora of diseases, deadliest among them being cancer as man is essentially a vegetarian creature and not otherwise. Man is mandated to protect nature, animals, birds and not to destroy all that. If you violate laws of nature, you invite serious trouble for yourself, then family / society / country, all are affected and involved.

If by switching over to vegetarianism, host of life-style diseases can be averted, then why should Government not intervene to regulate eating habits of all those who rush to public hospitals for treatment and burn national resources to pay for their luxurious stupidity ?? Visit any public hospital, more than 50% patients belong to flesh-eating minority communities just as more than 50% prisoners in country’s jails belong to minority communities as well for reasons best known to them alone.

Is there any wisdom in hogging flesh-dishes / beef every now and then, then undergo bypass surgery / chemotherapy, come back home half-dead only to eat and survive on ‘Lauki ki sabji’ !!!!???

Yes, non-vegetarianism is utter stupidity / felony to say the least.

Since tax-payer’s money / Union health budget are involved, Government have every right / privilege to discourage / ban beef eating / non-vegetarianism. They must accept this fact with a pinch of salt / pepper / chilly, whatsoever.