Bhagavana Siva  is known for His very intense and deep Samadhi-s. However, He too smiles on certain occasions by pulling Himself out of His Samadhi.

Swami Ramakrsna Paramhamsa  used to tell his Sisya-s, only on two occasions even Bhagavana Siva  is unable to control His smile !!

Those two occasions happen to be –

(1)    When a patient is lying on his / her death-bed, counting last moments of mortal existence while doctor continues assuring and re-assuring his / her kin to the effect that life of the patient would be saved and there is nothing to worry about !!

(2)    When ownership of land-holding is being divided between brothers and one tells his  brother…from this point to that point, it is my land and from that point to that point, it is your’s !!!

Certainly, these two are the instances of extreme delusion, ignorance and egoism. These are instances of intense attachment for Maya  which does not belong to anyone, never belonged to anyone in past, shall never belong to anyone in future.

We all are mere cosmic travellers passing through the world and these pieces of slippery Maya  are merely meant to facilitate our cosmic journey through the world, like disposables / toiletries required in any journey. So, these remain in our temporary ‘custody’ and not ‘possession’ or ‘owned’ by any one of us at all !! The moment this fundamental cosmic reality dawns upon us, more than half of the battle towards ultimate emancipation is won already. More than half of wars and resultant blood-bath might never have happened had the realisation dawned upon concerned leaders well in time.

Abhinivesa  i.e. clinging to life is another piece of Maya  that is highly delusional in concept. We do not own our lives at all as it is a transitory arrangement to perform certain set of Karma-s known as one’s Sva-Dharma. The moment Sva-Dharma  allocated to the life is completed, mandate to life is instantly over and one has to depart compulsorily. No amount of Sanjivani Buti  or any number of bypass surgeries are impossible to reverse the situation in favour of life-seeker.

Realities of life are harsh so long as we are unable to accept them joyously or stoically, whatsoever. The moment we accept them as fundamental realites intimately integrated into our existence, it is a great joy to live and die in this world.