Open Letter To PM : Allow Aadhaar to herald nation’s future

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

MCD victory after UP was a grand one indeed under your dynamic leadership and we all must heartily congratulate ourselves. However, there is an enigmatic catch hidden therein that worries me a bit.

Landslide victories are no doubt wonderful yet scary and a mammoth task to tackle effectively. Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty could not handle landslide electoral victories of Garibi-Hatao1971 and Youthful Rajiv1984 just as AAP Kejariwal could not carry the burden of landslide victory of Jan Lokpa l2015.

Disasters in governance that followed after landslide victories of Garibi-Hatao1971 and Youthful Rajiv1984 appear to have miserably failed to mature nation’s electorate hence, the blunder was replicated in Delhi with a freak political party which outperformed itself in doing exactly opposite to what they had committed to voters of Delhi during campaigning preceding elections.

Since nation’s voters possess an innate inclination to forget bitter history and invite it’s quick relapse, in every campaign speech, they should be reminded and cautioned of those historic blunders in as many words as possible.

Every landslide electoral victory must be a conscious / mature decision of voters instead of a naïve irruption of impatient sentimentalism even if landslide victories have only now started going to the right party in BJP.

Around the time MCD elections were being conducted here in Delhi, far away in Finland too, municipal elections were being conducted, spread over a week with flexible hours of polling, entirely digital without any noise or fuss. Very impressive indeed.

Why can’t we conduct our elections digitally, linked with Aadhaar, with flexible hours of polling spread over a few days instead of long queues under scorching sun leading to low turnout of voters, Mr. Prime Minister? Aadhaar linked digital elections can be conducted through mobile phones for the entire country in one shot with minimum headache all over with respect to manpower, machine, expenses, dislocation, absurd allegations of manipulation etc.

Current system of conducting elections with EVMs is merely a marginal improvisation over paper-ballot system in the sense that paper-ballot has been substituted with e-ballot and lesser involvement of time. Rest is all same and new machines to provide paper confirmation defeat entire purpose of having EVMs !!

Even entire election campaigning should also be conducted digitally. Not more than one or two rallies be allowed for every recognized political party, covered electronically throughout the country. We have plenty of IT geniuses in the country to design the system and safeguards to engage with Aadhaar linked digital elections through mobiles. I believe, this is an idea whose time has arrived, Mr. Prime Minister.

Since PAN cards / opening bank accounts, payments etc. are all Aadhaar linked and digitalised, there is absolutely no need to file IT Return every year and this practice is now rendered a nuisance, sheer waste of precious time. I request you to abolish the annual practice of filing IT Returns altogether in view of these digital advances.

Lack of self-esteem is quite widespread and palpable across the nation while egoism is very often mis-construed as self-esteem. Since you hold an unswerving sway over the nation, if you decide to highlight the issue repeatedly, it will bring about salutary transformation in due course.

I am always flabbergasted to observe, cops including IPS officers allowing themselves to be proudly photographed with arrested criminals with their heads hooded, contraband / arms seized and these are repeatedly telecast over channels and pictures published in newspapers.

Why should police officers be photographed alongside hardened criminals after arrest and ‘advertised’ all over? And I am intrigued by these absurd pictures because these do not embarrass them or anyone in Government at all! And the ‘holy’ tradition has been going on for years together! Should not this practice be banned immediately?

On completion of three years out of your five-year mandate, nation is confidently moving towards great heights and the glass of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’ is almost three-fourth full with more than sufficient two more years to go, before it spills over with prosperity and joys for all. Spill over it will, for sure.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have become a legend in just three years of your Premiership while Lee Kuan Yew spent his entire lifetime to achieve that glory in Singapore.
Congrats a million and millions of best wishes.

Vande Maataram

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari